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Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602


Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

This is a question for anyone who can help.

Until now I've always had a straight forward DLINK DSL-200 usb modem.
I've now bought a NETGEAR adsl modem/router model: DM602.

I've never networked anything before so connecting via Ethernet is all new. Anyways I wired up the modem/router today, I plugged the network cable into the LAN to the modem/router, and connected the dsl line with the filter which came with it. Then powered it up with the adaptor.

I switched on my computer, and they blinked then all three light up rock solid, (I haven't installed the usb drivers yet, as I want to use Ethernet) So all looks good, until I get to this point.

The instruction manual says enter into the browser so I can access the admin panel and set everything up.

When that url is typed into my web browser it says I'm not connected to the net, and I get a page not found. (working offline)

So I can't install it.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?. I've been at this this early today Saturday with no luck. And also when I installed it I set the detect to auto find IP settings and it gave me an ip number of network set at:

I can access my webserver on this IP if I run it. But nothing outside.

It also says the correct ip should be something like etc...
but that's the default my computer (Windows XP Home) is setting it to (, and ZoneAlarm pro verifies this. (new network setting)

I really am baffled, all I know is how can I set up the thing if I cant access the am I supposed to install the usb drivers too?.

I thought this was just an extra plug n play option.

I do have a NIC card and everything is light up on the modem/router DM602.

Apart that I cant seem to do anything else with it.
can't connect to net as I can't access it on my browser to set-up.

If anyone knows anything I'm doing wrong or not doing please can you help.

Thanks alot.

Netgear router

You are supposed to set your pc network card to subnet
a 169.x.x.x address is one that you get if the card is set to dhcp and it cant find a dhcp server (ie default address)
Once you have set the ip address press start - run and type "cmd" press enter.
in the command prompt box that appears type "ping" press enter (take note of the spaces) you should get 4 messages saying "reply from" etc.
if you do then type "" into internet explorer and you should get the routers config page. If you dont get a reply and you have a cable from your pc direct to the router its the wrong type, it has to be a crossover cable (cant remember if one comes with it) or use a hub / switch inbetween the 2.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Ok thanks alot for that.

It says in the DM602 manual to set it to auto-detect settings that's why i never entered an ip or dns, gateway etc...

It says to leave it to 'obtain an IP address automatically' in the network control panel. than do a reboot.

I'm lost... i do follow what you have said though, i shall give that a try now, sorry i have never seen a router before today let alone configed one.

I shall follow what you said and try again! thanks again for the help mate. Smiley

Btw the network cable came with the modem/router, as did the phone connection and filter. I'm hoping they gave the right plug!

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Ok i have done everything by the book and also what you have told me,

There is still no change.. cannot find server page.
No connection.

This is the result from the ping:

C:\Documents and Settings\Jason>ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)

My IP is set to on the NIC card and the
is all set.

Plusnet dns servers too.

can't figure this out, as it is all brand new out of the box, the cables supplied are netgear in the box cables.. so you'd think they would supply the correct ones Sad

I will tell you what it says on the box..

DM602 ADSL Modem
Power adaptor
3 m (10ft) Ethernet category 5 cable
2 m (5ft) USB cable
Phone cable
Resourse CD
Install guide
ADSL filter.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

the routers default ip address is you cant use the same, you need to pick a different last no. ie - most routers default ip is the first one in the range.
you can check the cable type by looking at the colours of both ends of the cable.
If the match pin for pin, its a straight through cable and will require a connection device (as in a network switch / hub) in between both units.
if you find the orange + orange-white ones are swopped with the green + green-white ones its a crossover and the correct type.
If you have the wrong cable you can buy these from places like PC World etc. Its actually called a crossover cable.
if you look at the network connection it will tell you if its disconnected which is a clue to cable problems.
to check the network card is working ok try pinging its ip address ( if that fails try pinging whats called the loop back address ( that should work unless you ip stack (protocol) is corrupt.
to fix this press start - run then type (or copy / paste)
netsh int ip reset c:\tcipip.txt
reboot your PC then try a ping.
I would change the ip address and check the cable first.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

The UTP cable which comes with the DM602 is a straight-through type and is correct for connecting between a PC and the router. There is probably nothing wrong with the cable.

The DM602 seems to be a bit unpredictable regarding setup: see Can't get ADSL Modem to Work via Ethernet.

The solution? Wish I knew!

Someone has suggested not having it connected to the phone line when you first set it up. Judging from that previous post, you should take it to work for the day.

Take it out. Talk to it. Tell it you care about it. Show it you love it.

Then it might respond.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

I don't know if this will be of any help, but here goes. I have a Netgear DM602 running through a Linkseys 4 port router to three computers, using the cat 5 cable. I had the same problem as you when I first got it. The DM 602 has two operation modes...modem and router, which you can select when you get to the admin page. If the DM602 is set to 'modem' you can't access the admin page( it does mention this in the user guide). I got the install details from plusnet site for a different modem and entered all the ip and dns details from that, and that gave me access to the admin page by typing the in the browser. Once in the admin page I set it to 'router' and then set it to obtain ip address automaticaly. I can't remember doing anything else at the moment, but mine all works fine now.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Just further to that last reply, when it's set at 'modem' you can only access the admin page by typing in all the ip and dns numbers.

Moderatators note (John) Accidental double post removed for you.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Just another thought, If I remember correctly, I entered the ip and default gateway addresses for the DM602 192.168.01 and default gateway, anyway, try these see what works.

Don't know why last post went in twice?

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Ok I've got you.

I have now managed to get the admin page!

And I've set it all up to run on Plusnet..

Now here's the thing..

If I try to install the usb modem driver it tells me it's already installed and I have to uninstall to upgrade. when I connect my DM602 via the usb cable it lights rock solid BUT.. how do I make it connect to Plusnet?

I have filled in all the server dns, I'm etc...

I just can't seem to find the WAN or LAN driver its supposed to have installed on my pc anywhere.

So even on Ethernet as a router it still wont work on the net, as I need some sort of login device.

When I used my D-LINK DSL 200 I had a horrible time with that too, and had to end up making a fake dialup account with the phone number 0,38 to make it login in to Plusnet.

It worked though. it seems I need to create something the same for this router/modem to login to Plusnet, but as I've said I cant find any wan or LAN driver on the network settings to make a fake dialling box, all I can find is my Smartlink 56K built in modem and the D-Link 200 dsl WAN driver..

No sign of the DM602 driver (which is supposed to be installed)

So I'm still no much further forward. Sad

Though it does say on my manual if I have a static I'm and need to login to my ISP I require software for PPP0E or PPPoA authentication such as WinpoetHuh? (to make it login) is this correct?

if so where do I get winpoet? I thought I just had to make another dummy dialup like I did for the DLINK DSL 200, but again I can find the driver for that.. but no driver to drive the DM602, but again it says its already installed and YUP all the lights light up for LAN and USB.

Just need to figure out how to authenticate the connection through PlusNet.

This is very annoying! it says on the book it only takes 10 mins to install, LOL.
this is my second day and I was up late last night with no luck! :shock:

I just wish to connect it via Ethernet to my pc nic card. and yes I checked the cable its same colour at each end..
a straight-through cable (cat5)

Anyone got anymore idea? apart from hugging and talking to it then? As someone wrote on here! lol.
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Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Im a little bit puzzled here?
If you are connecting to the modem / Router via your network cable the why do you need the USB connection?
Surely it should be one or the other?
If you have both option installed this could be totally confusing the system.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Hi John,

You set the option you are wanting to use from the admin section.

I'm just saying no matter which part i config, Usb modem or Network cable..
the settings are there in the panel.

But i still can't connect to the net.
The computer CAN detect the usb is connected when i plug it in, and also the network cable, all lights are solid.

Just was pointing out everything seems OK.

But if that's so, why when i boot my pc up do i not have a net connection?.
seems i have to tell the dm602 to login to plusnet with my user and password.
but the admin setup isnt doing this.

So what im trying to figure is how to connect, how do i tell the dm602 to login to plusnet.

Haven't got a clue..

I only wish to use the ethernet from the router to my pc, nothing else.
just have to figure out how to get it to authenticate, so it logs onto the net. This is the part that's stopping me.

If nobody knows i'll give Novatech a phone tomorrow, i bought it from them and see if they know anything.


Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

I thought the DM602 was set at the factory to be in "router mode" (the exception being versions for the German market, which are set to "modem mode" by default).

Therefore, with your router reset to factory settings, you should be able to set your PC to obtain its network settings automatically (both normal settings and DNS settings); power off the PC; connect the router to your PC; power up the router; power up the PC, and it should acquire the correct settings by DHCP. The router should then be on, where you can configure the ADSL settings.

In router mode, there should be a place where you can enter the "username" and "password", and other connection settings, such as PPPoA, VC-BASED, the VPI and VCI values. You should not need any "pseudo-dialup" settings on your PC.

I was going to have a look at the DM602 manual (the PDF one on line; I don't have this router myself), but isn't responding.
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Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Ok that clears up the USB bit then, you are not actually using that but it is an option with the device. It was confusing me as to why it was mentioned.

As task has said if you can get to the set up screen then you should find the option there to enter things like usename and password along with the other settings you need.
I also cannot get to the netgear website at the moment as it still seems to be down.
If either of us can locate the manual I am sure we should be able to sort this one out between us all Cool
If you can get into the setup page though with then you must be almost there and it just needs the logon info to finish the job.

Need help with NETGEAR adsl modem/router model DM602

Thanks for that Taskforce9 and John.

I thought i had to create a dummy dialup. well thats that then.

I have filled in all the details in the admin section, i just thought i needed a dummy dialup to make it all work as i still can't connect to net.

I'm going to keep at this though, Btw lads i have uploaded the 2 pdf manual to my webspace if you wish to have a look at the modem/router setup, since the netgear site is down.

You can get both pdf manuals in this directory:

Thanks again.