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Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!


Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

I have a speedtouch 330 usb modem and when I run the diagnostic tool to get my line stats etc it says it cannot connect to the internet that there is a proxy issue. They offer a guidance on how to correct it, and my settings are correct to what they recommend! Can anyone advise or offer an idea on what I can do!

what happens is there is a percentage meter that runs an dit connects to My computer first which goes ok, then to Speedtouch as in the modem I assume which also goes ok, then to my ISP which also is fine then it supposed to connect to the internet and I get this:-

Connecting to a Website Failed

Dr SpeedTouch was unable to reach a Website via HTTP.

This is typically due to an Incorrect Proxy Server configuration. Using a proxy server is currently disabled.

it then allows me to configure or verify internet settings.

which I go through and its set up as they suggest!


help please!!!!


Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

Hi Peter.

Are you running a software firewall on your PC and if so is it blocking access for the speedtouch utility?

I have removed the duplicate post also Smiley

Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

thanks i only press it once yet seem to double and triple post for some reason!

i have zone alarm pro and i have allowed it custom access within program control, trust level is 3 green bars, and there is ticks across the board for internet and server!

sorry to be a pain but I am thick with these sort of things!!

Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

also have windows Onecare and that allows dr speedtouch
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Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

I had the same problem. My internet would not work and i could find no reason why it could not, all the other PCs were working fine! Then I realised that my PC is the only one with Zone Alarm running, so I went into the config went to the 'firewall' tab, then to the 'zones' tab, and set my connection to 'trusted', now my internet works fine!

Hope this helps Smiley

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Need help with Dr Speedtouch please!!

I had the same message from Dr Speedtouch but despite this the connection was fine. Disabling ZoneAlarm didn't make any difference.

My Voyager 105 from PlusNet arrived today (I'm a newbie to PlusNet) so I changed over to it and its diagnostics program seems to be missing! Nevertheless it works fine and actually gives me better speed vs the Speedtouch 330. Perhaps just a vagary of the BT connection? - don't know.

Speedtouch 06/04/06 7.10pm
Downstream 1751 Kbps (218.9 KB/sec) 1891 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 241 Kbps (30.1 KB/sec) 260 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Voyager 06/04/06 7.30pm
Downstream 1873 Kbps (234.1 KB/sec) 2022 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 240 Kbps (30.0 KB/sec) 259 Kbps (inc. overheads)