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My interesting introduction to ADSL


My interesting introduction to ADSL

It's taken me two weeks longer than I originally thought, but I'm finally connected...and loving it. BT had told us that we were able to receive Broadband, and all the tests came out clear, so I bought a router and hooked up with Plusnet.

The day came when Plus net hooked me up, but alas I could not synch to the exchange. I tried everything, swapping filters, leads, sockets but still could not synch. Plus net were very good throughout all of this and arranged for BT to come out again and have look. Turns out we're on the border at 66.3db - the engineer told me if he'd have carried this test before they would never had installed ADSL :s My house extension from the master socket (around 30m long) was pushing ADSL beyond its limit so we changed the line to come directly into the house....and BINGO! I'm a happy bunny.

Apparently the limit used to be 45db, and although it's been upped to 65db, the engineer has had people connected at I hope mine doesn't drop out. Anyway, I'm never going back...

Props to plusnet for keeping me informed.