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My exchange gets activated soon. Some questions.

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My exchange gets activated soon. Some questions.

BT control the activation date for your line and they can change it if they have delays (i.e problems) activating your exchange. There are also probably a number of other customers waiting like you.

Also if BT test your line and find you can't have broadband (this may still be possible) then it would be silly for PlusNet to send you a modem if you can't use it.

It always takes longer than you expect with BT and PlusNet can't do anything about that. Just try to be patient Wink

My exchange gets activated soon. Some questions.

On the 11th of Feb my exchange is being upgraded to broadband (at last!). Now I would like to subscribe to PlusNets Easy Start package on this day.

Is it possible to pre-order so I recieve my modem etc before this date but the account not started until the exchange goes live?

If there are any problems with the exchange (ie some technical problem stops the exchange from going live) can I hold off activation until these problems are resolved?

Im not the most technically minded of people computer-wise. I understand the modem is a USB model. Im pretty sure my computer doesnt have USB 2. Is this a problem?

Thanks in advance.

My exchange gets activated soon. Some questions.

Just been upgraded here too, ( January 7th) although you can pre order broadband with plusnet BT will only put your line in for testing on the RFS date. So unfortuantely you have to wait for a few days for BT to inform plusnet that all is okay then plusnet will send you modem out. I decided to borrow a modem until mine arrived as although BT told plusnet my line would not be activated until 15th( 8 days after my rfs) it was activated in around 2/3 days and as i had a borrowed modem plusnet sawitched me straight on and wahey i was in. Then my modem arrived a few days later and i swapped over.

Up to you really wait for modem or borrow or buy another one.

Dan .

My exchange gets activated soon. Some questions.

thanks dan.

I was hoping i could have the hardware ready to go, but I can see their point of view.