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My Theory Money As Always


My Theory Money As Always

Its now 06:00am. I've spent the last nine hours sifting through the countless complains about plussnet. Trying to make sense of it all. e.g.. no mac codes & pointless responses from the support team claiming problems are fixed when clearly they are not.

Without prejudice.

Its all money people that's all they care about. For example.

1: Joe bloggs who has been a member for years and is upgraded with bt pipes or tascali pipes. Some request it, some don't. They wait weeks, some cases months for the upgrade itself while still paying for the service they aren't getting.

A problem arises So they spend a few more weeks/months waiting to get that sorted, in some cases pay to be reverted to there previous service or pay for new hardware e.g.. routers when they aren't needed. While still paying for the current service, eventually they get sick of that cr@p and request to leave. They yet again wait for a ticket for several weeks while still paying for the service.

When the cancellation is confirmed they are still charged for the remaining month of service, then charged for another month after the cancel date. In some cases are still waiting for several weeks for a mac code. They then phone the support line which costs yet more money. They then face several weeks sorting out a new isp.

2: Joe Bloggs joins plus net. They then face similar problems as above, but are smart and try* cancel after a month because of the countless horror stories on the forums and lack of support. They still have to pay for the remaining weeks on the current month, then the next month. They still wait for their line to be clear for several weeks to order a new isp service.

Either way people, plus net are making a sh@t load of money.
Due to the amount of time it takes for plussnet to do anything apart from make the situation worse. (as another user put it, Stalling for time) e.g.. with three different speed tests on three different days after 12am. Blaming your line that's been perfect from day one. Or blaming your hardware.

Of course lets not forget also, that regardless of your service, good or bad. People have the opportunity to recommend someone and are offered a discount off their monthly charge. Honestly. who wouldn't? Even i would to save a few quid. Its like giving someone money for free for doing basically nothing. Thus drawing more people into the hunney pot trap! plus net aren't going to give you something for nothing unless they are making treble what your discounted.

From the vast amount of complaints, i can draw only one conclusion.

On the whole plusnet are just a scam, they treat people like cretins and ripp them off. Knowing and taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people aren't pc literate, and confuse them with pointless tests and technical jargon. Which at times are so pointless and repetitive they even confuse me. They seem to think if you stall people for long enough they will give up complaining. Not I! and many others!

Think about it 1000 people sign up for premiere option 1.
1000 x £23 that's £23,000. For the smart people that cancel after a month. That's another month at £23. total to £46,000 You are then charged for another month for canceling your contract. That's £68,000 per 1000 users. Now imagine how many people wait for months & months let alone how many people sign up monthly, have problems and don't bother posting on forums ect. And lets not forget the recommend a friend option too.

That's a shed load of money for basically no work on plus nets part. Im pretty sure they aren't paying there employees a great percentage of that. Minimum wage no doubt.

To be Fair its not the tech guys ect that are at fault. Its a job they do for a cr@ppy wage no doubt. And like us all, they have bills to pay and a family to provide for.

Its the higher ups & the company not the employees that are profiting from all our pain and suffering. They sure do create a lot of it.

To be Honest im surprised that some governing body or watchdog like tv show aint been alerted/investigated plus nets poor service history.

This is just a theory and no offence is intended to any party. Just my two cents and if needed this post can be deleted on request by a plus net admin.