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My Static IP - Newbie

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My Static IP - Newbie

I have just selected the static IP icon in connection settings for my account and it told me which IP i was currently using (strange because I was logging in from my LAN at work!). will this now be my IP address for all time?


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My Static IP - Newbie

Ive just checked by selecting the option on my connection and it does indeed give me my IP address.

When on ADSL you are allocated a static IP which will always remain the same. So yes it looks like the IP you saw is the perminent one allocated to you.

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My Static IP - Newbie

Regardless of what package you are on, you have a public IP.

However, what address your machine has, depends on the connections equipment you use.

If using PCI or USB modems (ISDN, Analogue and ADSL), then your machine is directly assigned the public IP.

If using a router (ISDN, Analogue or ADSL), then you will normaly need to setup port forwarding, such that incoming traffic flows correctly.

My Static IP - Newbie

Can I use my static IP address for my PS2 connected to a wireless router? Is it just a case of using port forwarding/DMZ in the router setup and specifying this static IP figure?

My Static IP - Newbie

The static IP is used by the router, which performs all the NAT and other tricks.

Your PS2 will have a private IP either set manualy, or given to it by DHCP.

You should set the DMZ to point to the internal IP that the PS2 has been given.

I have to say, I don't have a PS2, so I am not all that sure on a full step-by-step for you to get this working correctly