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My Line Syncs, but doesnt Connect?


My Line Syncs, but doesnt Connect?

My freind with Plusnet ADSL tried to connect a few days ago but no connection, it just keeps timing out with some 751, timed out error or check username/password and retry message.

So I told him its possible the Login/password was wrong, retried and no good. So I went round there to double check, and I even tried the bt_test login and it still didnt work, still got the same error of timed out or check username/pass....

So I double checked the ADSL modem/Wires and well his line Syncs just fine, but still no connection at all.

I also took his ADSL Modem/Wires and installed on my Pc and it works straight away... So I know its not his Wires/Microfilter and ADSL modem at fault. To confirm that I took my Own Microfilter/ADSL External modem and extention telephone wires to his place and it still got the same error with no connection at all.

Hes phoned Plusnet before and they have confirmed his BT lines fine, and I concur since the line syncs, and he recieves/dials out normal phone calls fine.

Like ive said before ive tested all my ADSL equipment round his, and tested all of his round mine, and its 100% working. And ive done it properly Ie- each microfilter/wire/modem. On his end it Syncs, but no connection at all, bytes are being sent but none are recieved this happens for the bt_test login and Plusnet login.

So any ideas what could be the problem?
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My Line Syncs, but doesnt Connect?

If the bt test user doesnt work, then its an exchange problem, phone PN asap to get them to get BT to fix it
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My Line Syncs, but doesnt Connect?

Cheers for quick answer, it does indeed feel like its an BT issue...
ill get my m8 to phone up plusnet tommorowSmiley