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My High Pings


My High Pings

OK I have trawled the forum and have noticed many people having big ping problems, and even though my problem is not so great, it still is a problme to me.

Before I had the MaxDSL upgrade i could easily get pings to servers of less than 20ms. Now I find that the absolute lowest ping i can get to any server (using tracert to get accurate figures) is hovering on 40ms.

OK I accept it is no BIG deal, but as I spend most of my time on tinternet on online games it really makes just enough difference to be a problem. The one thing I always felt good about being with PN was that the pings where always really low, but that is no longer the case for me.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this slight increase in Ping since being upgraded to MaxDSL, or do I have a problem? Is there anything that can be done about it?

My connection has been checked, and I have checked all my hardware, and there seems to be no problems. I had some initial connection problems after my upgrade to MaxDSL, but all that seems settled now.

If anyone can thow a bit of advice my way it will be greatly appreciated Cheesy
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My High Pings

You say you have trawled the forums here, but did you take note of the threads covering "interleaving"?
If not do a search on that and see if it is this that has affected your pings. [It probably is]

My High Pings

thanks for that - being a bit of a noob i didnt know that "interleaving" was the problem i needed to search on. A bit of friendly advice always helps, and I have now found the info I needed and learned something Cheesy

It seems that this is probably my problem as it appears to increase your pings by 20ms. I have a report from PN that shows Interleaving is set to Auto, but I can get it turned off for a small nominal fee. The problem is that this is more than likely going to cause instability on my line.

Has anyone had interleaving turned off and found that things are still working OK? Having a high ping is one thing, but having constant disconnections would be more troublesome. I would appreciate anyones reccomendations on this before I enquire about getting this setting changed. :roll:
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My High Pings

If interleaving is set to "Auto" then I don't believe that it has actually been activated on your line. Your modem/router should be able to tell you for sure; it will give details about "ADSL Line Coding" or "Latency Mode" or "Path Mode" depending on the equipment. If it says "FAST" then your line has not been interleaved.

AFAIK it doesn't cost anything to have it turned off, but there is a "I told you so" charge if you later request it to be turned back on because your line is unstable.

What online gaming do you do? I use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection on my interleaved line and have no problems whatsoever. However, I don't expect that Mario Kart sends out quite as much information as Counter Strike.

My High Pings

Mainly I play COD2, and every little bit of performance you can drag out of your connection helps a bit. And extra 20ms on the connection ping actually makes a noticable difference, especially when it comes to a 1 on 1 face off.

I did have some connection problems to begin with once I was upgraded to MaxDSL, so my thought is that the Auto setting on interleaving is tending towards interleaving being on. I make this assumption based upon the increase in ping I have had. I have a PCI adsl card so I have no visible connection signs that I can check unfortunately Cry

I wonder if now that my connection has become very stable (been monitoring it at, that the interleaving may decide to turn off sometime in the future giving me an improved ping again?
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My High Pings

I raised a ticket the day before yesterday, got a reply today that Interleaving will be turned back off on my line after the weekend on Monday Cheesy Cheesy
I cant see there being any probs as it was rock solid before it was switched on (hope my sync goes back up to 8meg from 7 as well. I would miss the 800KBytes/s+ downloads) but if there are any probs at least i know it's my own fault.