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My 1000GB usage limit?!


My 1000GB usage limit?!

Not only are my current peak time speeds around 100Kbps, which is a big improvement on recent days(?!) (at night it can be 4.6Mbps) but get this for laughs...

Checking my "View My Broadband Usage" levels, the heading text currently is stating...

Important Notice - you have used 1000GB of your allowance.
You have nearly exceeded your peak-time usage allowance for the month. Please take steps blah,blah,etc...

Action: Level 2 Management will apply to your peak-time usage until the end of the billing month. Please avoid exceeding your 1000GB allowance or further restrictions will be applied.

Need more allowance? Upgrade now

No wonder nothing works around here any more! :?

P.S. My peak time usage has actually just passed 7GB. (BB Plus account)
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My 1000GB usage limit?!

:shock: No idea what funkyness is going on there.

Problem raised internally as ID 39858.

Thanks for the heads up :-)
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My 1000GB usage limit?!

BB Plus has a 4gb limit which might explain the low speeds.
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My 1000GB usage limit?!

NOW that is a limit. Has BT been that good to PN to allow us all 1000Gb.

Rock on BT


My 1000GB usage limit?!

BB Plus has a 4gb limit which might explain the low speeds.

Oh yes, I'm well aware of that.

I think I've established that the max peak speeds I can get under the "Level 2 Management" are 0.5Mbps down/0.1Mbps up - although this isn't publicly documented anywhere, so PN could pretty much apply any management they liked. Sad

I'm currently experiencing speeds around 100Kbps downwards during peak times (has been as bad as <50K) and I'm not happy - PlusNet don't want to acknowledge that there is any problem.

If things don't pick up, especially after my monthly billing/usage-reset, then there's a good chance that I may be leaving. It would be a shame, after 3 mostly good years, but I'm not going to get worked up about it - actions speak louder than words.