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Multiple Static IP's and NOT Config


Multiple Static IP's and NOT Config


Currently I have just one PC connected via a ethernet Zoom X3 router and am looking to set up a wireless lan and additional PC's at home for home working.

I have looked at the pages which detail the static IP's and No-NAT configuration, however, I currently only have assigned one static IP and this appears not to be active ( the page asks me to go to My Control Panel section of the site HuhHuh!!!###?? Where is that ?) Also there is no indication as to how I obtain the other public static IP's. I am looking to set up a completely NO-NAT setup, so that I can VPN into work and also test VoIP. My Router has a good firewall therefore essentially I am looking for a PUBLICLY addressed LAN behind my router. Anyone can help with any advise ? :?:



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Multiple Static IP's and NOT Config

If you currently only have a single IP address you will need to raise this via Contact Us asking them to make the change to NoNAT, explain your reasons and they will investigate if this will be possible in your case (some account types do not have this option.


Multiple Static IP's and NOT Config

Note, if you are on a home account, you can only receive a block of 4 IPs max.

This will be 1 broadcast, 1 network and two usable IP addresses. In most cases, one of these will be assigned to the router, this you only get one usable IP within your network.

You should easily be able to VPN to your business network without the need for static IPs using PPTP