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Multiple Ips


Multiple Ips

been using plusnet for broadband fo nearly a year and its been very reliable and speedy Cheesy

anyway, im gonna be moving next month and im going to stick with plusnets service, but grab myself a 2mb dsl line

their will be 3 other people in the house and i want to connect them all up to the dsl connection, and it looks like a router is the best way to do this (not exactly sure what it does apart from be a modem/firewall thing)

can plusnet supply indiviual ip's for each computer, and if so, how much cash are they?

cheers Cheesy

Multiple Ips

You shouldn't need them, most routers run a service called NAT (Native/Network Address Translation) in which traffic from your single external IP address is translated to the appropriate internal IP number.

Internal IP numbers are most easily configured by choosing the "obtain IP number automatically" option within your internal network setup and as long as the router is able to act as a DHCP server then Bob is a close relative.....problem solved.

The NAT process adds a certain amount of security to your connection, but in addition I would suggest you follow a few threads in the security forum regarding firewalls etc.

It's also possible to use internet connection sharing on a PC with an attached modem, but this does provide a certain processing overhead, and a slightly slower less secure connection. Also the PC with the modem needs to be on for any internet connection to work, which is not the case with a router.

Hope this has been of some help.