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Multiple Email boxes


Multiple Email boxes

Hi, sorry if this has been done to death but I couldnt find anything relevent on the search function.

My basic setup is PC with Belkin Wireless router and a laptop, with wireless connectivity for sharing the Internet, which my wife uses.

I have my own domain name hosted by Plusnet and use this as my email address on the lines of My wife also uses What I want to do is to be able to download only emails directed to me and not ones to my wife and vice-versa. It is such a pain to have to forward my wifes emails everytime I check my mail.

I thought it was possible and plus net seems to allow multiple mailboxes but I dont think this is the same thing.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Multiple Email boxes


Under email settings in your Account links, create a mailbox for you and your wife and allcoate a password for the mailboxes.

In your mail client set up an account for each of you using the format username+mailbox name and enter the passwords. All other settings are as normal.

Each of you then get you own seperate emails to or

Hope that helps.
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Multiple Email boxes

On the left, Click Email settings -> Configure Mailboxes and create 2 new mailboxes yourfirstname and herfirstname.

You on your email client, setup an account to collect mail from the yourfirstname mailbox using login yourplusnetname+yourfirstname and the password you assigned when you created the mailbox. Your wife then does the same on her email cleint using login yourplusnetname+herfirstname and the password you setup for that mailbox.

You can also collect all mail from your default mailbox using your portal login/password as you do currently.

See the the following help page:

Multiple Email boxes

Thanks for the info guys, I will give it a go this weekend . I am so busy trying to sort out my Gallery probs on the new server at the moment :shock:


Done & Dusted

Well my new mailboxes are up and working so a big thank you to those who helped.

Still not sorted out my new cgi site yet though Sad