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I couldn't see this answered in the FAQ's but maybe I was just looking in the wrong place?

If I move house, how do I go about moving my ADSL? Preferably without losing email, website hosting and domain registration. This would be a straight-forward procedure, but there are at least three companies involved (BT, Plus.Net and Nominet) so I can imagine all kinds of problems...

In all likelihood it'll be months before I really need to think about this, but by then I'll be panicing about lots of other stuff so I thought I'd ask now...

--> Stephen


You would ahve to do the follwing.

1: Contact BT, and organise for service to start in your name (for the phone line) on the date you move into the address.

2: Contact +Net to inform them that you will be moving home, and note the date (thats important)

They will arrange for termination of service, and place an order either on the day you move in, or the day after.

3: Once you are back up and running, you can then contact +Net, and ask them about having the details on your domain changed at nominet.

However, as from this month, Nominet will now no longer send out paper certificates.

A letter informing you of a unique security code will be issued to you.

From the Niminet site, you can type you domain name and security code in, where you may change the details yourself.
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It should be alright... if you check your connection settings area of the portal, you'll find an option to move your ADSL service. Im not sure, but the domain may have to be dealt with seperately however.

Edit: Here's the ADSL reprovision page.

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It's simple. All you have to do is raise a support ticket with +net and tell them your new location details. You will have to pay a new activation fee though.

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Thanks for your replies! I'm sure that re-provisions page wasn't there last time I looked!

--> Stephen