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Moving you ADSL from one address to another


Moving you ADSL from one address to another

I love my ADSL connection, and have been very happy with the service plusnet have provided me with. I have nothing to complain about as far as the connection is concerned, and I am patiently waiting for my regrade (when BT get round to my exchange)

However I am moving house in a few months time, and this where I get disappointed with plusnet.

To move my ADSL from one address to another address its going to cost approx £75. Now I understand this requires plusnet cancelling ADSL at my current address, waiting until I get a BT Line at my new address, and then re-providing ADSL to this address, but I think this is a little on the expensive side! They are also going to continue to charge me my monthly Direct Debit for the period that they are not providing me with ADSL!

If I was a new customer coming to plusnet for the first time ever - activation of my line (which is basically all plusnet are going to do for my new line at my new address) is Free.

If I was a customer of ANOTHER ISP and wanted to move to plusnet, again requiring my line to be activated by PLUSNET again this is free.

But because I have been filling the pockets of plusnet with my monthly cash for the last 4 years - Free activation - nope, I have to pay fully for it.

If you look round at what other companies (although not in the ADSL Market) you can see that the existing customer is their most important customer. O2 and Orange are giving their existing customers money back just for topping up their pre-pay phones, First Active are offering their Mortgage customers a "good deal" once their existing mortgage deal runs out, which has been followed by Nationwide also.

Those words used in the adverts "All our Deals are available to EXISTING customers as well as new customer"

Its almost worth migrating to another ISP for a month, and then migrating back again - for Free! surely this costs plusnet more money in admin (New DD's etc).

I don't want to loose my referrals I have gained over the years, and I don't want the hassle of moving my domain name and web-site away from plusnet.

My question to plusnet - or anyone that feels they can answer.......


Moving you ADSL from one address to another

I have to say I agree wholeheartedly - although in slight (and only slight) mitigation in Plusnets favour, I think most of the other ISPs do the same. The argument would be this is the actual cost of whatever technical jiggery-pokery needs to be done in moving an ADSL connection from one line to another, but I agree that loyal customers should be better treated with PN absorbing some or all of this cost.

Moving you ADSL from one address to another

From my understanding, you can take advantage of the free activation.

If not directly, you can do the following.

1: Convert to a PAYG account, rather than using the house movers process.

2: Upgrade to ADSL once at your new address, under free activation

The only problem you may encounter, is that you get a failed upgrade, whilst your line is stated to still have ADSL. This inly applies if you are taking your existing number with you, and would last upto a max of 2 weeks.

Moving you ADSL from one address to another

Thanks acarr

I will look into that, thats a possability I had not considered. It actually fits with what I am going to do (and possibly lots of people do when moving house) as I am moving in with parents for a month before the completion date of the house move and will only need dial up during that period. (not paying the house move charge twice when I am only going to be at the temporary address for a month)

Moving you ADSL from one address to another

In which case, the housemovers process would not be the best one for you anyhow, as you would remain paying your ADSL bill for that month you are at your parents.

Converting to PAYG will be the best option regardless.
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Moving you ADSL from one address to another

I got told exactly the same, over £60 to move addresses. Even paid for the month we didn't have ADSL at the new address while BT got their backsides in gear and got the line installed and the number ported over.

Shame really, cos if i'd fancied it I could have just cancelled with plusnet and gone elsewhere and got free activation as 3 years is well out of the contract period. When I mentioned this the support person didn't seem bothered and said that's how much it costs. :?

Moving you ADSL from one address to another

Guess it is not too late to grab the current free reprovide offer?