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Moving house...


Moving house...

I moved house a while ago, and requested to move my ADSL on the 18 July. My previous connection was supposed to be deactivated on the 25th (a week ago now), but hasn't happened yet. I sent a customer service question on the 27th (19923055), but am yet to get a reply.

I only moved next door so broadband is obviously available in our new place.

It's irritating that I'm still paying for braodband that I can't use, but even more irritating that my customer service question seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Anyone else experienced problems moving their ADSL?

Moving house...

Join the club!
Filled in the online transfer form on the 10th of July.
Requested old address to terminate on 27th and new one to start on the 28th.
Nice seemless transfer me thinks what with Plusnet coming across as being a proffessional company and all!.
Ha ha.
Work in Ict and have for 17 years and to put it bluntly
I have never expierienced such pathetic support in all that time!!
3 days on the phone putting up with a joke phone support system! getting terminated when finally getting through to some silly answering maching telling me to leave my details and they (whoever they are) promising to get back to me!!!. NOT!
Which you probrably are allready aware off from reading through these forums.
Filled in the ticket system (19946569) Mon first thing.
No reply not a peep! So much for 8 hours and counting!.
Still no connection! and from reading on here have no hope either!.
I dont mind not having a connection. I dont mind waiting 10 days or 15days anything!!!.
But what I do mind Is not knowing what the F*** is going on!!.
What is going on PlusnetHuh??.

in the club

I think I can safely join your club.
After being told that my service would be cancelled and the new one started, they duly stopped the service (For which you still have to pay) in order to move house.
They started that over 10 working days ago with an email 5 working days after that.
No reply, no joy.

I'm NOT very happy. They are a nice cheap speedy service, but it seems that anything even mildly out of the ordinary you require will basically not be worth it.

I'm very very unhappy at the moment.