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Moving house + phone number coming with me = problems?


Moving house + phone number coming with me = problems?

Hi all,

I currently have a ticket open via Contact Us (#15814861 if anyone from PN wants to take a look), but thought I'd ask the question here in case any one has had a similar experience. Bear with me - it's a bit complicated, and I realise it's all a bit last minute!!

My partner has a 2mb conenction with PN that his employer pays for, and I have a 512kb connection also through PN. At the end of this week (fingers crossed), we will be moving in together in a new house.

Here's the tricky bit - I want to take me phone number with me, which BT have said is not a problem at all, while my partner will eventually be moving his connection to the new house.

So, if I understand it, the order of events is this - I cancel my 512k connection. BT transfer my phone number to the new house. Partner then arranges for PN to move his connection from his current number to mine.

This - finally! - brings me to my questions.

Firstly, does my phone line need to be in his name in order for him to move his connection to my line, even though we will be joint owners of the property?

Secondly, I have cancelled my account today. I know there is a 30 day notice period, but how soon will the phone number be freed up for BT to be able to transfer it. Obviously it would ideally be free within a week, but does the 30 days notice period affect the line/number itself, or just the PN account (logon/passowrd, etc)?

I hope all of that made sense :shock: and if anyone has had a similar experience I would appreciate any comments.

Many thanks


Moving house + phone number coming with me = problems?

I'm in a similar but not identical situation to yourself so i dont know if this helps but anyway.... Smiley

I moved home before Xmas (21st Dec) to another house and transferred the same phone number over (just phone BT and they can do it within a few hours), i am on the same exchange for both houses so that was straight forward.
I also did a move request via the website and raised a ticket to have my new connection a 1mb line (was 512k)....this was on the 27th Dec.
BT were supposed to remove my ADSL off my old line on the 11th Jan but PN are still waiting for BT to update their records to say this has been done....when thats done PN can order my 1mb line at my current address.

Only thing that concerns me is that the BT checker currently shows i might need an engineer visit for 1mb which is odd because when i checked the previous occupants phone number on it a few months ago it said 2mb, 1mb, 512k no problem (i'm ~2km from the exchange)....time to start anothe thread about this. :?

Moving house + phone number coming with me = problems?

Had all the same problems as you guys! Resolved it by phoning BT myself (150) and going to the fault diagnosis bit. Spoke to someone on there about my lack of dsl and the anoying hiss on my line. They told me that the work was semi done and my dsl would be available on the 19th of Jan. Was happy with this answer hung up and got on with my day. Bearing in mind this was the 15th of Jan, four days before my dsl was due. My modem was already plugged into the line in prep for when it did go live. Went back upstairs, mumbled around for about 20 mins then i noticed a solid green light on my dsl modem 'nice' Hit my dial up connector and bingo! They had connected my dsl 4 days early, all as a result of phoning the fault diag line! My faith in BT has been restored Cheesy

Moving house + phone number coming with me = problems?

Well last Thursday my line on the BT checker was back to 2mb, 1mb, 512k all ok and today (after Plusnet ordered ADSL on Thursday) my 1mb was i'm a happy bunny! :lol: