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Moving Up


Moving Up

Hi Everyone

Having just taken the plunge and ordered my broadband upgrade:working on the forewarned is forearmed principle,I am wondering if anyone knows of any pitfalls that I may come across when connecting my "Mac" to whatever router that Plusnet supplies.I have spent a couple of hours wading through the tutorials and FAQ's and forums;but have found them to be understandably Windows orientated.I am hoping that it is going to be as simple as getting my Vigor 2200X router/switch to work with my Home Highway set up:ie to vitually just plug in an ethernet cable between the computer and router/switch.

PS: Will e-mail addresses remain the same?

Ian & Linda Jordan
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Moving Up


If you've already got an ISDN router then changing to a broadband router should be pretty straight forward. Plug the router in, change the IP details in your network control panel (or TCP/IP control panel for OS 9), and log into the router and set the configuration details (username and password, etc.) and you should be online.

If you've gone through the upgrade link then you email address and any website address will remain exactly the same.