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Moving House


Moving House

I have requested a House move, but now think I need to cancel it so that I can select to NOT take my existing number with me.

How can I cancel the pending transfer?

Also, the portal mentions a ~£5 cost not a £52.88 that I have now been informed it will cost me. What am I Missing.

Will it be cheaper and faster to get a new number?

I am not applying to have the phone line disconnected when we leave. Does the decisions to take or not to take the existing number effect this?


PS: What the hell has happened to the support on Plusnet. You cant speak to anyone anymore. Sad
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Moving House

If you are only paying £5 then you have selected the option to defer the cost over 5 years which may not be what you wanted. This means you have to repay the new activation fee if you leave within 5 years at a reducing rate each year.

Retaining your number will delay the move of ADSL, by how much it is difficult to say, because you have an ADSL cease put on your current line first, get it moved over by BT, wait for all the databases to catch up with the move (during which you can't place an ADSL order on the line), then place an ADSL order on the line again. This could easily take 3 weeks.

Having a new nunber means the cease on your old line and activation on your new line can happen in parellel and there is no wait for the BT databases to catch up.

As for canceling the transfer I suggest you ring up support and request the move is cancelled, assuming it has not already gone to BT. Raising a ticket may not get it actioned for a few days which may mean it is too late to cancel the move.

Moving House

Thanks, for that.

Still a bit confused about the £5 thing, as I didnt really know what it was for, an deven though I selected it, I then get billed £52 anyway, so no ideas whats going on there.

Also, what number can I ring. I tried the cheap one, and that just sends you in loops and back to the website, and the expensive one just kept ringing. I dont rwally relish paying 50p per minute as they iwll no doubt spend 10 minutes telling me to use the website!

Moving House

ringing the mega expensive number now, and guess what... RING RING, RING RING...

How the hell can I cancel this transfer?

Sorry, but this is appalling service.

Moving House