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Moving Home


Moving Home

Im hopefully moving home next month, thankfully as far as am aware, its still in ADSL range with my same exchange.
What im wondering is what sort of costs am I going to be looking at to move my line?

Moving Home

As far as im aware you have to pay another activation fee at your new address

Moving Home

This totaly depends on the package you chose originaly.

1st: Is the connection equipment yours.

If you purchased it seperatly, or through one of +nets packages, you are fine.

However, if you obtained it through a BT Managed install, it belongs to BT, and will need to be returned.

They sometimes do not ask for it, however, you need to plan for the worst with BT.

2nd: You can't move your ADSL line.

While BT can transfer everything else, you will have to cease your ADSL line, and sign-up again once in the new property.

This will mean paying the activation fee again.

3rd: Are you still in a yearly contract.

If you are in a contract with +Net, to pay for your activation fee over the year, you will need to pay the rest of this in full, and can't be added onto any new contract.

Oh Pants!!

I got my connection active about mid Feb. Its the Home Self Install Starter Pack jobbie, i probably wont be moving till about mid august, so im looking at roughly £180 just to get this line killed off?

Moving Home

I don't think it will be that much.

If you paid for the starter pack & activation fee in one go, then you should be OK.

It doesn't matter if you chose the 12 or 1 month contract, this will only define how long you have to remain a customer. +net will allow you to move house and sign-up again, and still only be contracted till Feb next year.

However, if you chose the 1 month, you are free to leave anyhow.

If you chose the higher monthly fee, no activation package, you still wouldn't pay that much.

For the standard package (USB modem), you will have around 8 months left to pay, resulting in around £59 remaining.

The USB modem is yours, so you would only need to pay activation, resulting in around £118 in total to move.

However, I would raise a contact us ticket, and clarify how much you would have remaining to pay in august, and how much it would cost to be reactivated in the new property

Moving Home

just a query, if the existing house member ( of said house being bought) has already had teh line activated fro plusnet. would they still have to pay another when they have moved in?

Moving Home

I moved and had loads of problems with customer support making a complete hash of it Cry

When you move you have to pay the activation fee! Ensure that they take your credit card details over the phone when you request the movement of service!

Do not get fobbed of with them telling you to raise a ticket saying "I Authorise this!" You will raise it then find a reply 2 days later to call and pay.

If my experience was anything to go by (took 2 weeks 9 phone calls and 4 tickets raised) to sort out the mess caused by customer services (sic) bewarned!

Moving Home

I echo stephen's warning. It appears that Plus Net has messed up my move.
I've made 4 phone calls and am currently on my 3rd ticket (the current one has been on going for almost a week with no sign of ending soon) .

Yesterday I was told to phone BT150 to find out why my ADSL was disconnected. BT told me they couldn't tell me and that I should talk to Plus Net (catch 22?).

Now I am being told that I will need to pay 2 reconnection fees!! It would appear; one for having BT reconnect my ADSL and the other for ... um.... not having my ADSL reconnected the first time!?!

I would submit the theory that Plus Net have no procedure for moving your service with you to a new house and that they just bumble along assuming that not enough people move house to make it worth while.

Good Luck

Moving Home

It isn't that +Net do not have a moving process, infact, on the +Net side of things, it is rather simple to do.

1: Terminate existing ADSL line and downgrade account to PAYG.
This keeps the account open, so that most details are kept.

2: You move home and upgrade your PAYG account to DSL.

If you are being asked to pay 2 activation fees for your new address, then you need to seriously find out why.

Some things you should do.

Ask +Net why the the DSL line at the new address was terminated.
They will either say:

a: Customer request
Ask +Net for logs of any corisondance of when you request this, be it via ticket or telephone.
Check the time and date of anything they produce
You may not have directly asked to be terminated, but you may have said somthing that was not understood correctly (where only human)

b: Failed activation
Ask for your activation fee refund.
There is no reason at all for +Net to withold this.

c: Terminated by BT
Ask for +Net to start a investigation there end into this.
Phone BT and ask them what request you have made to be performed on your new line since first transfering to the address.
Ask if each one of these would affect any existing DSL service allready on the line.

BT are not the most helpful of people when it comes to DSL. They refuse to talk to the customer about it, because in effect, +Net is the customer.

In addition, the will nto talk to +Net, claiming Data Protection Act.

The only way is to ask these indrect questions, so if they say

BT: At <Time>, on <DATE>, you requested that your account package be changes to <X>

You should ask somthing like

U: Would that affect any services provisioned on my line, like DSL.
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Moving Home

The only thing that I think could be a possibility is that the ADSL was activated on the new line before BT updated thier systems to show you as the 'owner' of the new line, once this is updated it will automatically cease ADSL on the line.


Moving Home

I believe this is the problem.
At the beginning of June, I informed BT (to move my phone) and Plus Net of my intention to move house on the 1st of July.

For some reason, unknown to me, Plus Net decided to start moving my service on the 11th June!! I suspect that when BT came to move my phone + ADSL service on the 1st July (when I asked to move), they saw an existing ADSL connection and cancelled it because it was there before I moved.

I find it irritating that I am expected to pay a reconnection fee twice because Plus Net can't follow instructions properly and move my service on the 1st July.

While I applaud the enthusiasm and speed with which my service was moved, I would have prefered that it was done on the date specified. At the very least, it would have prevented this situation from happening.

Moving Home

You may find it best to review the link:contact us system, and see exactly what dates where said by yourself and +Net.

If it is the case that +Net have not followed the dates as set by yourself, then you would likely be able to get some form of rebate.

However, if you have not been clear in your wishes, then there is very little that can be done.

If you allready have a ticket reaised regarding this fact, you should not make any updates to it. After making a update, it is placed back at the bottom of the pile, and has to work it's way tot he right department.
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Moving Home

You need to check the ticket history in Contact Us. Make sure the dates you said you told them are definatly correct, if everything looks in order then yes you have a case and they shouldnt make you pay for it.


Moving Home

I have checked the Ticket History on a number of occasions. However, efforts to draw Plus Net Customer Support's attention to these other tickets (by referencing the numbers) seem to have failed. Part of the problem seems to be that the current ticket has been through the hands of 5 different Plus Net employees (some more than once).

Here is my initial enquiry into moving my service.
30th May 2003
"I am moving house at the beginning of July. What details do I need to give you to ensure that my account is moved over to the new number?


(NB: I wanted to move house at "the beginning of July" NOT "mid-june")

Here is an extract from the actual ticket that requested the move:
9th June 2003
"I am moving house on the 1st July.

Please can my current ADSL account be moved?

The new address is:

The new phone number is:


I believe that this clearly states my intention to move on the 1st July.

Quoting acarr:
"It isn't that +Net do not have a moving process, infact, on the +Net side of things, it is rather simple to do."

I think the problem is failure to follow their own "simple" procedure.

1: Terminate existing ADSL line and downgrade account to PAYG.
2: You move home and upgrade your PAYG account to DSL. (oops!)

In this case, step 2 should read.
2: upgrade your PAYG account to DSL THEN You move home
Clearly the wrong way around.
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Moving too...

Oh God... I am planning a move in the next couple of weeks... I am now DREADING what plusNet will do!

I already have a ticket going, and someone's replied, saying I will need to pay a "reprovide charge" for £55 + VAT.

Judging by your thread so far, this sounds like an all too familiar story.

When they say "broadband enabled" does that mean that I will have to pay an activation fee to BT? As well.

Have they sorted out their procedures yet? Do they have a clue what they are doing!!! :roll:


[Moderators note (by Thomas): The Contact Us ticket has been removed. Posting it, especially seeing as it contained the name of a customer support representative, is in direct violation of the link:Forum Guidelines. Please refrain from posting tickets again.]