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Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.


Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.


I've recently moved home, and requested a cease and re-provide of my ADSL connection.


I completed the "Move My ADSL" form under "Account Settings", which tells me it will take 7 - 10 days to complete.

I am now told the work is scheduled to be completed 18 days after I requested the move.

No-one from support can give me a straight answer as to why this is taking almost twice as long as I am paying for (£55 +VAT).

I called support who tell me it takes 7-10 days for a cease, and another 7-10 days for re-provide. If this is the case, why does the form tell me 7-10 days from clicking the submit button?

Who is lying here?? :x :x :x


Time Ticket ID: 9616906 Raised by: Internal Via: Internal On: 2003-12-01 17:37:57 Status
17:37:57 Comment By: [removed]
Customer Support Centre advised it takes 7-10 days to cease line
advised it takes 7-10 days to order line
advised it order should be complete on the 8th.

Customer to raise complaint and cancellation request. Closed

If I had know it would have taken so long, I would have cancelled and joined another ISP (7-10 days time I would have had a connection), or my new home is already wired for cable -i could have had a connection in the time it takes to send a modem.

I called support again last night, and spoke to Kamran. Although he was unable to provide me with an explanation as to why this has taken so long. He was helpfull in that he made a request for the re provision team to call me with an explanation re; the timescales.

.... I wonder when/if they will call.


Has anyone moved home and their ADSL?? How long did it take, how long should it take?

I can't seem to get a straight answer from support Sad

(Apologies for the rant !)


[Moderator note (by acarr) : Removed CS agents name. This is not allowed under the forums guidelines]

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

Hi mate, know exactly how you feel. I moved house 1st November and started the ADSL move. Finally got connected after ~24 days! It's down to BT apparently and although it doesn't help you or me they are working to improve it.

See my rant if you like:

PlusNet will refund the subscription cost for the downtime if you ask.


Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

This is true, the problme is down to the way in which the whole system is managed by BT.

At this current moment, there is no system in place, through which home movers can request that there DSL line be moved (see below).

This means a cease & re-provide, but can take longer than that of a cease & provide for changing to the different speed packages (though regrades are now available).

These problems stem from the interaction that must be made between BT (who provide you the phone line) and BT Wholesale (who manage the connection to the ADSL equipment).

In the past, peoples experiance has been that BT Wholesale reject the new connection due to you allready being enabled. It has been known to take upto 48 days to clear this.

However, PlusNet are also known for being stuborn at getting this fixed.

The better news for the whole ADSL comunity, though not to yourself (as you will have moved by this time). BT Wholesale are currently trialing a Home Movers system internaly. This should goto trial with ISPs likely to the very start (early Jan) of next year.

PlusNet have allready been accepted onto this trial.

Instead of the current mine field which you are seeing, this new system will aim to see ADSL in your new property from the moment you move in.

As for the timescale, you may seem further confused from what I have said. The problem is, you should be.

Under the current path, each move is a unique case. This can mean more or less time to complete the process.

BT Wholesale went for the wrong approach. Instead of implimenting this sort of things from the start, they are now having to deal with this later. At least progress is being made Smiley

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

Thanks for the info Smiley

I can accept that a proportion of the blame lies with BT. But I feel the timescales supplied by plus are unrealistic, and could be perceived as unrealistically setting my expectations.

I'm looking at the ticket (9323291) and upon submitting my request, and taking payment - the request cannot be processed, and it is suspended for 1 week.

1 week later, when it is due to be processed it is suspended for another 5 days, that is when I contacted customer support - to be told it has been suspended for another 7 days Evil Evil :twisted:

I'm also disappointed by the response of the customer support agents, apart from them not having the information I am requesting. But the way they blatantly refuse to put your through to someone who can give me an explanation, and also refuse to be put on to their manager as I am not satisfied with agents(... not just the agents themselves, but the lack answers they can provide).

... still I'll give it until the end of today for a response with some relevant contact.

If not I'll be needing a new ISP .... after I get my £55 +vat back Sad
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.


Just to add a bit of background to how Move ADSL works at present.

When you move you either take the same number with you, or get a new number. Each of these is handled differently.

If you taking getting a new number at the new location the cease and reprovide process generally takes 7-10 days. In this case we can place both the cease on the old line and the provide on the new line at the same time so that is virtually no gap in the loss of service of the old location and start at the new (some people will have both active at the same time for a short while).

This process does rely on the ownership of the new line being transferred to you before starting the cease and provide process, if it isn't BT will cancel the order and we have to resubmit the order.

If you are taking the same number with you then this will add a delay. Unlike with the above process we cannot place the cease and provide at the same time as BT's ordering system will only allow one order at a time on a particular phone number (even if it is now at a new location). This means we have to place a cease for the line at the old location, which takes around 7 days, then wait for BT's ordering system to recognise that a) the line no longer has broadband and b) has moved to the new location. While this part of the process will in most circumstances only take a couple of days at most there have been cases where this can take significantly longer.

It is only once the line is clear of ADSL at the old location and showing as being at the new location that we can finally submit the reprovide. As before this can take 7-10 days.

Adding all this together gives this route a 2-3 week turnaround time on average, with a minimum period without broadband of 7 days.

As Philip says this process is being improved and come the new year we should be able to move an ADSL service without all these delays.

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the explanation of the process.

My scenario is that I am moving address, and not taking my (old) telephone number with me. On that basis, I was told it would take 7-10 days. But it looks like it will take 18 days to complete - without explanation.

Looking at the support ticket, it looks like the request has sat unactioned for over 1 week - again without explanation.

The lack of contact, and answers when I contact support is my main problem - no one at plus customer support can provide me with any explanation.

Your comments above suggest this work should have been completed within the 7-10 days?

Would you be able to tell me why this has taken so long :?



Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

Tried customer support once again.

This time to have the phone hung up on me.

... I think my decision has been made.

... bye, bye plus net.

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

Hi Craig,

I'm sorry you feel this way, but I am sure we can work this out.

Looking at the ticket history it appears that the provisioning team were under the impression initially that you were taking the same number with you. If this was the case then the time scale involved would be about right, but, as you have said you have a new phone number, so something has clearly gone wrong during the Move ADSL process.

For this I can only apologise and assure that the reason this mistake has happened will be looked into.

It probably won't help much, other than to give you an idea as to how our processes work, I can give you a little information on why the tickets are hold.

When you submitted the request to move on 20/11 we submitted the cease and put the ticket on hold for 7 days so provisions can check that the cease had complete and to submit the provide. When they checked the cease it wasn't complete so they put the ticket on hold over the weekend so they could recheck it (as I said before for whatever reason they thought you were retaining the same number and so would have known that there was probably no point retrying earlier).

This when you called in and advised you had a different number, the ticket was then returmed to provisions and the provide submitted the same day. The ticket is currently on hold until 8/12 so that we can check to make sure it has completed.

As far as your reprovide is concerned now, it is in the ordering system and on schedule to be activated on 8/12/03.

EDIT: Just noticed your comments on ADSLGuide, and that Ian will look into this tomorrow.

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.


Thanks for your input.

I have received more information that is not already on the ticket from you than from the support agents when I call.


Looking at the ticket history it appears that the provisioning team were under the impression initially that you were taking the same number with you.


This when you called in and advised you had a different number, the ticket was then returned to provisions and the provide submitted the same day.

This is strange as when I completed the "move my ADSL" form (20/11/03), I immediately called customer support to confirm the details - which the agent read back to me correctly (both new and old addresses and telephone numbers)

What has really rattled my cage is no-one can acknowledge the fact that this has taken longer than it should have. The web page where you request the move clearly states:


Moving your ADSL connection will take approximately 7 to 10 days from the date you complete the form

I've had the support agents telling me conflicting info regarding the timescale this work should have been completed in.

I've had support agents refuse to escalate this issue, even to their line managers - one told me to write a letter post it to them as this is the only route available to me :shock: (which I have now done) An ISP who relies on snail mail to escalate support incidents :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
I've had customer support hangup the phone on me. (No, I was not rude - I was only looking for a straight answer.)

All this leaves a really bad taste.

The ironic thing is - I've had my connection for about a year, and initial teething problems aside - the connection has been great.

Thanks again for you input Dave, it really is appreciated.
Maybe you should look into training the customer support staff, well maybe not them all - but I could name 1 or 2 .... if the forum guidelines allowed me to ! :lol: :lol:

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.

PlusNet take incodents where a CS rep hangs up on you for no logical reason seriously.

If you feel you have a genuine complaint, youa re sugested to contact Ian Wild (forum username ianwild) via a PM with the approximate time of the call, the date and the phone number you called from.

He should then be able to chase this in, and in some cases, listen to the recorded conversation (he said that around 1 in 15 are recorded).

Most ISPs quote 7 to 10 days for most of there procedures, however, this can never ben gurenteed because of the way in which the whole system is currently managed by BT.

As for having your ticket escalated to a Line Support manager, this has been talked about many times. Line support managers are likely less equiped to deal with your problem that the people dealing with your ticket.

Undoubtedly, one of the comms team could explain that better than I could.

Moving Home - ADSL cease and re-provide.


I have now spoken with Ian, and in a 5-10 minute phone call, all my issues are resolved.

I still don't have a connection, but Ian provided a detailed explanation of exactly what happened and what went wrong. He also has a list of actions identified from my incident to prevent this situation arising again.

He also promised to try his best to speed up the activation of my new phone line, and to provide me with compensation.

Ian certainly has been, in my instance plus nets saving grace.
... so I retract my previous post RE: bye, bye plusnet.


(still a plusnet customer - and happy!) :lol: :lol:


If you feel you have a genuine complaint, youa re sugested to contact Ian Wild (forum username ianwild)