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Moving ADSL to new house, speedchange and Multiple IPs! :D


Moving ADSL to new house, speedchange and Multiple IPs! :D

Hi All,

In about a months time, I'm going to be moving house and I'll want to move my ADSL as well (providing I can get it, but the new place is close to the exchange so I'm pretty sure it will be OK).

The problem is, I run a server hosting a few domains on my ADSL connection and I want to minimise how long they will be down. I also want to change my line speed when I move, as well as getting an 8 block of IP's, as shortly I am going to want to host several SSL websites (all non-commercial of course).

What is the best way about achieving all of this (strictly from the adsl point of view)? I'm planning on getting a new BT line connected at the new place before I disconnected the existing one and there will be a good 2-3 week overlap. If I put through a "Move my ADSL" order, will they only decommission the service at the old address once the new address is up and running, or will they cancel the old service some time before getting the new service online?

Would it be better to commission a whole new service on the new line and just disconnect the old service after the new service is online? I considered this option too but I'm not sure if this will work out more expensive than doing a "Move my ADSL" through my account details?

I have no idea how getting the extra IP's and line speed change is going to work with all of this too (especially if I do a Move my ADSL). Ideally I would like the IPs and new line speed to be in place from the get-go on the new service but I'm not sure if that's possible? Again this might be easier if I commission a whole new service at the new premises, completely separate from the existing one?

Any ideas would be most appreciated!!

Thanks and regards,