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Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?


Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?

Hi there

I have a simple question. I am moving house soon and wanted to move my ADSL connection to the new house, but the online 'Move My ADSL' thingy, mentions something about a £47 BT fee that I need to pay. But after speaking to BT to arrange the telephone move, they offered to move the ADSL at the same time and said that they will not charge me anything for it. So why do I have to pay £47 to PlusNet for BT, if BT themselfs are not going to charge me?

And another thing, why is it so difficult to get hold of PlusNet Customer Service? It seems finding the Holy Grail will be easier...


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Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?

I would guess you would have to sign up to bt broadband for 12 months to get it free.
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Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?

Have you recently moved before?

If not, then I believe you are allowed one free house move under the "You Stay, We Pay" 5 year scheme. All you pay is a £5 +VAT admin fee.

BT probably offered to sign you up to their own broadband service and they may offer free activation to do this.

This isn't really a BT charge that you would see, but is what BT would charge Plusnet to make the switch.

I'd seek further clarification on whether you are entitled to a free move under the YSWP scheme - unless you know that you've had this before.

Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?

I have also tried to move my broadband but am caught in a black hole of no connection and therefore no way of getting in touch with plusnet. this is now 7 days overdue and i have no idea what the status is.

customer service is not the strong point of plus net this week

al Cry


I have been waiting since 3rd July to be moved. It was supposed to happen within 7 - 10 days, and it has been 17 days so far. No idea what is going on and customer service not replying either. Not a good week at all.

Oh and I have just paid this months payment on the higher charge (my new plan should have been cheaper, and I haven't had a connection for three weeks - WHAT AM I PAYING FOR ? Shockedops:

Move my ADSL - why the BT charge?

I blame all the confusion on this 'Automated Help' system that PlusNet introduced.

I am willing to put money on it, that if most people were able to speak to a human on the telephone, 99% of issues will be resolved right there and then.

As an example, take this house move I am going through. Because I can't speak to anybody at PlusNet, it so far has taken 3 days to try and arrange it. Nothing has been done yet. I have asked a question, it took PN 1 day to get back, I posted a reply the same day, it took them another day to reply again. Now I have replied again and will need to wait propably at least another day before I will get a response again. All this could have been done in 3 easy sentences on a telephone and not 3 days with message going back and forth. And from what I understand is that this is pretty fast response from the PN team.

When the move is completed, I am going somewhere else, maybe Zen...