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Move ADSL process?


Move ADSL process?


Bit of a query / education process,

Could someone (maybe Phil / Peter) explain the Move ADSL process / timeline to me.

Case in question. Move process commenced via portal on 13 April, keeping same number. (trouble, I know)

PSTN line at old premises ceased by BT retail on 18 April and installed in new premises on same date.

BTW now state that the ADSL cease will not complete at the old premises until Friday 22 April.

Why does it take so long. Why does the cease ADSL not take place on the same day as the PSTN line is ceased?

As this is the first of these processes I have managed I would be interested in knowing a bit more about the proceedure.

Does it have to be so cumbersome and drawn out?
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Move ADSL process?

It's BT so the answer to your last question is often yes Wink

Actually it appears they may have speeded up the process a little because it used to take an additional 10-14 days on top of the normal 7 days for a new ADSL activation, to move ADSL when you keep your number when you move.

Anyway, the reason for the delay in ceasing ADSL on your old line is because it takes time for various BT and BT wholesale databases to record the ADSL cease. Only when the cease is recorded in the database can a new activation request be submitted for your number on your new physical line. There can also be additional delays while the BT/BTW databases catch up with what new line your number now exists on. FYI, the actual switch of the number from one physical line to another is a handful of commands on a terminal and is called number portability - in effect, any number could put put on any line in the UK with a simple config change.

Basically the BT/BTW databases need to catch up with changes that are made and need to record your ADSL cease, the physical number move (i.e. to know what physical line the number is now on) and record that you are the lines new owner, before an ADSL order can be placed in your new location, at which point the normal 7 daya activation period starts (which can sometimes be shorter if BT actually do some of the work earlier or use new automated systems. In an ideal world this should all be updated and happen as soon as the number is moved to the new address but this does not happen yet.

Move ADSL process?

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for that.

The sooner this process is made less complicated the better.

Thanks for taking the time to explain in such detail Much appreciated and i now have a better handle on the process.

Move ADSL process?

BT have made what they call a simplified process for house movers, but it is still not easy from my understanding.

I am not sure if PlusNet are involved in this, or if it is out of trial yet.

I do know that god knows how many changes took place to the trial.

Move ADSL process?

This is a process I am trying to manage for one of our clients. It has been made slightly more complicated due to the fact that said client decided to move premises rather quickly.

Although I explained the time scale involved they wanted to know a bit more about the process.

Its a pity it has to be so slow, considering that the PSTN line can be moved in a few days.

The sooner this is simplified the better.

Thanks for your input Phil.