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Monthly Usage


Monthly Usage


Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so can they help. I receive my broadband upstairs in my house and feed the internet connection through a router to my computer downstairs. The problem is, even when the computer is switched off my usage is registering upwards of 250MB per day, subsequently i'm using over 8gb a month for just checking e-mail and being online for no more than 15 minsa day tops. Tried ringing plusnet but just got told to switch off the router ... but thats not that practical. Any one any ideas ?


Weird Usage

I saw something similar a while back. The router was wide open, and the additional traffic was people trying to hack the computer at the end of it.

If your PC was turned off, but the router was wide open, it could be possible that someone is still sending traffic to your router, and that is what's getting logged.

I also know that a lot of wireless routers are "shared". when I need to get on the net and my ADSL is down, I take a drive around the block with the laptop and "borrow" someone elses... Is this a potential reason?

(if it's a Wireless Device?) Have you enabled Wireless Security options such as No broadcast of SSID, WEP, Mac Filters? Drop me an email if you need help with this,

Monthly Usage

Hi, I have experienced this problem with my network setup. I use a netgear DG834 router and even when I am not on the net, the usage ticks up. I have upgraded my router firm wear but this does not stop the problem.