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Modem switches off


Modem switches off


When i first installed my modem, there was a part i had to go through about "always dial my default connection" etc. But i had a problem with the modem and had to uninstall and reinstall.

Somehow, i didn't go through that setting on the reinstall, and now, if my computer is inactive for a time, the modem switches itself off. It's fine for now, as I'm not downloading anything, but if i need to download a large file, then the modem is going to cause obstructions.

Can anyone tell me how to stop this happening please?


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Modem switches off

IE6 Tools/Internet Options/Connections/ has the setting you mention. You can also continue onwards from there with the Settings.../Advanced buttons.
That's mostly for 56K dialup.
Otherwise post your +net account type, Windows version, modem type (Binatone 500 3-lights?) and what caused the reinstall.
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Modem switches off

If you system is going into standby mode then the USB port is probably being switched off as well.

For XP (you do not say what windows version you are using):

Start->control panel->network connections.

right click on your connection and select properties.

Then click the configure button and select power Management.

Untick any boxes that may be set.

Modem switches off

Hiya, yes it is XP, but when i get to configure, I'm met with "general" or "driver" and i can't see a power management..


Modem switches off

If power management is set on for the modem or USB, it should not turn off while data is being downloaded/uploaded.
If it does, you have a different problem than power management, as this is only supposed to kick in when the device is idle.