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Modem needed to sit in front of Juniper and Cisco


Modem needed to sit in front of Juniper and Cisco

I have a netgear 632 in modem mode with a netscreen 5gt and a Cisco Pix connected to it. The connection slows to a stop about once or twice a day and we have to reboot the Netgear to get it back to normal.

The line has a block of 8 addresses 212.159.x.x (VC Mux)

The modem gets one of these on its Wan and one on its Lan with the Netscreen and the Cisco having one each on their Wan and local addressing on their Lans.

The Lans are physically separate.

We have done this before using a D-link 504 that uses an un-numbered Wan and static Lan. We have connected several routers behind this and they all work well. Unfortunately they don’t make these anymore!

What would you use for a similar setup? Cos we need one that works!

Also I think BT and other ISP's assign one of their IP’s to the Wan with one of the users block assigned to the Lan of the Modem. Plus Net don’t seem to do this they just assign from the users block.

Any advice anyone?