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Modem need to be plugged in master socket?


Modem need to be plugged in master socket?

Hey all wonder if any of you can give a little advice.

The current setup I have at home is one PSTN line for voice calls (now got ADSL on it) and a 2nd line for my old 56k modem internet.

Well I'm waiting for the hardware, I need to connect to the Internet upstairs in my bedroom where the computer is. However we didn't order broadband on the 2nd line (so we can get rid of it) - I wondering, if its ok if you link a extenstion from the master socket (on the first line) and reconnect to the lines we have running upstairs (the old exisiting 2nd line) ADSL won't have a problem with that will it when you plug the modem in there?

Reply if you can't understand!

Thanks Matt

Modem need to be plugged in master socket?

It doesn't matter if you use the master or an extension socket.

You can use your line as a normal phone line (eg for voice, fax, or even a traditional analogue modem) at the same time as using your ADSL modem, so you may decide you no longer need two lines.

For further help and advice, see the ADSL: Wiring and Filters Tutorial.