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Modem Trouble


Modem Trouble

Last night I was able to connect to the internet without any problems.

Today my modem does not work.

Only the Power light comes on, none of the other lights come on at all.

The modem does not go into training mode, it just keeps saying "No Signal"

There is nothing wrong with the extention line (my PC is in the bedroom and the socket is in the passage).

Is the modem buggered?

How much will it cost to replace it?

It is a Voyager 105
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Modem Trouble

First thing to do is to plug your modem into the BT master socket and see if it works there.
If you have a reasonably recent socket then it will have a removable section on the bottom half, Undo the screws and remove this bottom section.
This will expose another socket inside and thats the one to try as removes any other internal wiring.

If it still doesnt work either take your modem round to a friend / neighbour who has broadband and see if you see the sync light come on from there.
Or get them to try on your own line.

Either way you will prove the modem.

Modem Trouble

Thank you for the reply.

I just tried the BT master socket and got the same result.

I do not have a friend with broadband close by.

I'm guessing the modem is knackered.

Do you know if PlusNet will charge me much for a replacement?

Modem Trouble

I had my own modem before I joined Plusnet.

I had problems a few weeks back connecting and the Speedtouch 330 modem light kept flickering. It was OK after a few days but I bought a Netgear router which I am now using just so I had two modems incase one did go on the blink.

Of course borrowing a friends modem is easier if at all possible.

Could be a fault on the line of course.

Modem Trouble

I decided to try uninstalling the modem and the drivers and then reinstalling them again.

It worked.

Thanks for the help guys. Smiley