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Modem: Question from a complete newbie.

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Modem: Question from a complete newbie.

I am relatively inexperienced with broadband, and I have just upgraded to Broadband Plus, using a new Dell computer and Vista.

Two questions.

1. Voyager 210 USB Modem/Router - simple though this sounds, do you switch it off when not in use? There is nothing on the setup document sent out to tell you whether it stays on or is switched off when not in use.. You are told to switch on, configure and connect, and then it just leaves the topic hanging in the air.

2 Three times I have switched on in the last fortnight and there is no internet connection. A few hours later, after re-starting, the connection is there. Is this Plusnet's line not being available or something I should correct. Checking on the status page everything always seems to be OK when this occus.

Thanks for any advice and forgive my lack of expertise.

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Modem: Question from a complete newbie.

1) Most Routers are left turned on all the time. Don't know why but that just seems to be the case.

2) Probably PN as a few people have similar problems around here. Strange thing is, your router will (just like the rest of us) say that everything is fine and that your DSL is synchronised.
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