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Minimum acceptable speeds


Minimum acceptable speeds

Ok so like everyone else ive been having slow speeds ,so i contacted plus net and informed them.They told me to get a screenshot of aslguide showing my speed ,which was and still is around 900kbps on a 8mb connection!
Then after they told me 2 use the fault finder to continue with this problem,so i did and look what came up
ps(all my equipment passed)
To measure your connection speed, we require you to complete at least 3 speed tests over a 24 hour period. One of these tests must be completed between Midnight and 7 am.

The Bandwidth Speed Test is located in the Connection Settings Section of the Member Centre.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test. Note that the speed test is not compatible with many popup blockers. If you are using programs such as Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall, disable them whist running the speed test.

As broadband is a contended service there may be times when you experience lower connection speeds. We cannot act on speed tests run between midnight and 7am if the results returned are above the minimum acceptable speeds shown below.

Minimum acceptable speeds for broadband service:

100kbps or more – acceptable on 512kbps products

200kbps or more – acceptable on 1Mb products

400kbps or more – acceptable on 2Mb, 4Mb & 8Mb products

Once you have completed the 3 required speed tests, copy and paste the speed test results into the text entry box on the next faults tool screen.

If you have completed at least 3 tests and the results of the tests indicate speeds that are above those noted above, we will be unable to progress your fault any further. The cause of your slow speeds are due to contention. click the Close Fault button.

So what do u do Huh
i think its time for a move dont u?Huh

Minimum acceptable speeds

The problem is that those "acceptible rates" are BT rates so it doesn't make any difference what ISP you are with unless the shoddy speed is down to PN.

If you go to another ISP and the speed is because of your line so you get the same speed, BT will still say it is acceptible. I absolutely agree that BT setting such low acceptible rates is a HUGE get out clause for them so they can give a lousy service for not so lousy fees. Just another case of rip off Britain.

It's like a garage selling a Ferari and then saying that the fact that it only does 30MPH is acceptible.

Minimum acceptable speeds

Id be peed of if i got a ferari and it only did 30mph!!
But yes i mean PN say on this account u can download ,play online games connect 7 machines ,But how u going to do that on 400kps Huh
We need stable broadband that is fast and constant!!
So whos got it then??
Plus is it harder to cancel while you have been moved on to llu (tiscali)?Huh