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Minimum DSLMax Speed?

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Registered: 18-09-2007

Minimum DSLMax Speed?

What is the minimum IP profile that BT will set?

I am at 100Kbps.
It is ridiculous.

Who at BT thought that it was an adequate minimum speed for an "Up to 8Mb" service?

It is marginally better than 56K Dial-up. It is worse than dual-channel ISDN.

It is 15 years on from dual-isdn technology.
Files are bigger, websites are entirely flash, youtube is unusable.
Bandwidth is less, speeds are slower.

PlusNet. Surely you must have some power with BT since you're now a subsidiary. You must be able to point out that "100Kbps minimum speed for a line that normally syncs at 6000kpbs" is something VERY WRONG with their system.

Oh. and WHY 3 DAYS?!

It goes down instantly! Why not back up?
How about smaller increments over a much shorter time-frame?Huh
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Minimum DSLMax Speed?

Unfortunately ADSL is rate adaptive which means when there are line problems your sync speed will drop and when there are not it will return to previous levels.

BT in their infinite wisdom decided that if they see a sync drop they will drop the data rate (IP profile) to match within 75 mins but wait 3 -> 5 days to restore it. Its one of the main complaints people have with how BT have implemented it and ISPs have no say in getting it changed. All they can do is lobby for the 3 day period to be reduced but it is BTs decision whether they want to change it and so far they have not.

There is very little we as users can do but complain - although being on LLU, I don't have the silly profile changing, the speed I sync at is the data rate I get.

It is annoying but one of the main factors is the old copper wire method we use for the phone connection which is susceptible to many outside interferences making many lines unstable. It is this very fact that lead to BT introducing their method of working and some users are affected more than others because every ones line is different.