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Migration timescale....2 weeks?!?!?


Migration timescale....2 weeks?!?!?

Ok...I'm new here...long timer reader first timer poster and all that.

Well, I decided to join PN from Pipex and all seems fine, they will let me know how my migration is going by sending me an I gave the MAC code on the 3/4th April and have just chased them up and been told BT will change me over on the 18th!!!

My current service only runs to the 14th April as I have cancelled the service and denied them anymore payments!

Anyone else ever had a migration take 2 weeks??

Not really PN fault, but lack of update when they knew the date but hadn't shared...very frustrating!

Rant over...
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Migration timescale....2 weeks?!?!?

Given the fact that BT are currently processingpossibly 10's thousands of MaxDSL regrade orders each day, I'm not surprised that normal migrations are taking longer than they normally do.

You may be lucky and it is done sooner but if you have not already told PN about the 14th I suggest you do so to see if they can hurry the order up (although this may be unlikely).

Migration timescale....2 weeks?!?!?

Thanks for the quick reply...I have raised a begging ticket Smiley

We will see what happens.

I knew they were busy, but my exchange is status green and ready for speeds between 6.5-8MB. Surely just a switch over to the 2MB for the time being before i make my way to a higher speed. Cheesy should be easy!

Anyway, I'm happy enough with costs and quotas and the like...just annoyed BT can't work their magic...can they ever? :roll:

PN seems sound....even has a customer service award I see!