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Migration nooooo


Migration nooooo

I have been threatening to migrate our business line for some time now, from BTO to PlusNet, however, due to the complexity in the way we are billed, has never been seen as possible.

However, while making a post last week on this very subject, I needed to provide referance material to show the siutation to yourselves.

When looking, I found our plight is not as bad as I first thought, however, it is still somwhat out of the ordinary. Some of these details I will continue trying to onbtain from BTO, however, it's a little like picking thawns our after walking through cacty, your stull suffering months later.

With BT Openworld, we pay £65+vat per month for access only on the Business 500Plus package. There are very few e-mail addresses, and they do not serve our needs anyhow.

With PlusNet, we can get double speeds for £10+vat less a month, with far more in terms of value added services. (but hell, where going for the quad speed version Smiley )

We now wish to migrate from BTO, and we understand it is less than a days downtime for migration. Is this true?

Infact, I am not all that sure. Can we migrate from Business 500 20:1 on one ISP to the same on another?

I allready know, we can't migrate directly onto the higher speed package. However, can anybody tell me the downtime in migrating between the two?

Migration from home 500 to home worker involved 10 days, as they are effectivly going from residential to business. However, what about business package to business package?

There are other questions, however, most depend on the outcome of what I have asked so far.

Many thanks all.

Migration nooooo

Thanks for all the replies all Tongue

I now have all the information I need and the wires installed to get this sorted, after getting sore knees, cut fingers, splinters gallor and a 6 hour headache.

After managing to collate all our current costs together, as some of the details are not even in our own name, it is costing us a bomb for what little service we get through BTO.

BTO has just introduced a pricecut, however, the price is still dismal. Under the new pricing, here is a quick breakdown.

1 month access of Business 500 plus (engineer install, thus we have a router, which is for backup purposes).
£65 + vat

3 months line rental for ADSL line
£41.15 + vat per quater

Thus a grand total of £236.15 (£277.48 inc vat) per quater

Under the old scheme of £79.99 a month for access, this was £330.32 inc vat per quater.

Both of those are for the cheap and chearful 512 20:1 service, oh well.

Our move to PlusNet on (what will be) the Office 2000, will cost us a simple £210 (£246.75 inc vat) per quester.

As a quick further note, to go product like-for-like, we would save £86.15+vat a quater. I doubt you could fault that.

Migration nooooo

You quartlery cost of moving to plusnet office 2000 doesnt seem to include the cost of your BT line rental ?

Migration nooooo

That because we have cut out the cost of the dedicated DSL line that BTO uses.

Our current setup is 3 voice lines, a data control line (4 line system, only 3 are usable for voice), 1 fax line and a dedicated DSL line.

DSL can't be placed on the voice lines, yet we can piggyback on the fax.

THe only small issue was that our fax line is the only line entering the premesis on the oposite side of the office. I managed to install a cable on monday for that, into our comms cupboard.

There is a splitter in place on the fax machine, so the line only needs a faceplate and commisioning now.