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Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"


Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"

Hi all,

Subject line explains it pretty well - I am migrating from BT Openworld's "Engineer" install to Plus' "wires-only" service. Both of the Home variety.

Now, according to Plus.Net's FAQ, this cannot be done.

Why is this? I don't see why I would have to pay _250 quid_ for a "new" Engineer install, when nothing is actually changing at my address!

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Other ISPs allow this migration to occur (I imagine they just talk some sense into BT), so I am hoping can be this flexible. After all, I can just post the old modem and filters in a jiffy bag to BT - job done.

I can provide details of the ISPs that allow the Engineer->Wires only path to be followed, if it helps. As I touched on above, it only works if the connection is not changing from the Home/Business type though.

Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"

It's not a case of that.

BT Simply don't do Engineer install migration, for +Net or any other ISP for that matter.

You would have to follow the same approach that would have been needed before migration exist.

1: Cease your current service with your existing provider.

2: Obtain the cease date from the ISP.

3: Return the ADSL equipment when asked. This is not your property, and as such, you will have to purchase your own.

4: Place an order with +Net on or after the date that your connection is ceased.

For further clarification of the issue that may occur during this, contact +Net using the link:contact us system, and ask when you should make the new application.

Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"

If that's the case, what's all this about?

If Vispa have been doing this for so long, how come other ISPs aren't? It sounds like it may be something that BT _are_ offering, but nobody seems to know much about it...
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Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"


BT can migrate any like for like product, including the Home Engineer Installed product. With a migration, you don't pay an install fee, just the £35 migration fee. All other aspects, including the monthly subscription costs are exactly the same between the BT Install and self install products...

It is right that originally they didn't do this, and as it stands our signup process hasn't been adjusted for this change. This means you need to signup for your migration on a standard self install account, then immediately raise a Contact Us ticket stating that this needs to be treated as a BT Engineer Installed migration. The provisioning team will pick this up immediately and deal with it in the normal way.

In short, it doesn't matter at all which product type you are on - I can ask Vispa about this. I know Martin (their MD) well and I am sure he will tell me they don't do anything differently to us (Maybe they just explain it better?).


Ian Wild,
PlusNet Comms Team

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Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"

Thanks for your reply, Ian. Smiley

Yes, I think the problem could be in your Migration FAQ. In the tables which show which BT products are compatable with ones, it seems to say that it is not possible to migrate from an Engineer install to wires-only -- as the products are not compatable.

Also, in the sign-up procedure, if you say your current ADSL service is the engineer-provided one (I can't remember the technical name!), and are trying to sign-up for a wires-only one, it doesn't let you do it.

Hope this helps!

Migration from "Engineer" to "wires only"


I may be talking out of my hat (not sure exactly what the BT product is) but...

Isn't is simply a case of - your line is already tested so there's now no value whatsoever in an "Engineer Install". You'll probably STILL have to pay modest sum for a test / activation which may be unfair - but you already know it will work if you simply plug in a modem or router?

Just a thought, or can someone straighten me out?