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Migration NOT supported! No way out & Insight


Migration NOT supported! No way out & Insight

I've been a customer for about 6 months and have had enough. It's not just the repeated downtimes but also since the new upgrade connection to my favourite game server has been abysmal with good ping but frequent freezing/lagging. I don't expect that to be fixed any time soon so I'm putting my money to better use if I can. I wanted to confirm that I would be able to migrate myself and my mother to Nildram.

I first called Customer Support. Had been speaking to Anesh Mistri who did not even know what migration was and tried to transfer me to technical support. He has refused to transfer me to his line manager, has refused to give me his managers name or number and has admitted that he hasn't been trained. At several points during the call Anesh muted himself. It also took 6 attempts to get his surname as he initially refused to tell me.

At first I was told Yes and because I am on a monthly contract I would have to give 30 days notice. Not bad you think but it turns out that this takes me from halfway through this month into half of next month - ie 2 months notice and 2 payments.

I asked to be shown this in the T&Cs and Anesh told me it was up to me to read it!!! "However, if there is anything in these terms and conditions that you do not understand, please contact us by calling 0845 1425000." After some shouting from me he finally pointed me to Section 9 paragraph 5 :
"Without prejudice to section 10, you may terminate your contract with us at any time by giving us 30 days notice via the cancellation mechanism within the "Contact Us" section of the portal."

Wait wait wait I want a migration not a termination of the line. I don't want to have my line cut and then wait for reconnection with a fresh batch of activation fees.

I pointed him to the migration run-down on adslguide. Anesh then admitted that PlusNet don't support the migration process. It may be forthcoming in the future but that could be months off. He also refused to give me my CBT number - without which I cannot migrate.

Eventually he transfered me to tech support. It's not really a technical issue but as it happens Lee McKenzie could do Anesh's job better than him. He was willing to tell me the CBUK numbers that I need. He also said that he believed that I shouldn't have a problem going through the normal channel with Nildram.

Final point of interest: Anesh was able to confirm that PlusNet is owned by Insight.

This will also be posted on adslguide's forum and retained should any contact with OFTEL be required.

RE: Migration NOT supported! No way out & Insight

From my understanding, ISP's do not need to support migration.

Nor do they have to supply the CBUK code.

On top, even if they did give you the CBUK code, Plus.Net can refuse to allow the migration upoin contact from BT Whoilesale.

Leaving only the calcelation option.

OFTEL can't help you with migration as there is no contract stating that they must allow you migration and/or give your CBUK code out.

RE: Migration NOT supported! No way out & Insight

I want out sob sob sobAt the very least then any new customers should be made aware that Plusnet will not migrate so hopefully they will think twice about signing up. Looks like paying extra for a monthly contract means F all at the end of the day considering the cost and length of time (and downtime) needed to re-sign up

And what did you think of the service I was getting on the phone?

RE: Migration NOT supported! No way out & Insight

> And what did you think of the service I was getting on the phone?

Will admit, shoddy.

Kind of like using 12core, 30v max alarm cable to power you computer (it can and has been done).

They would never pass you to a line manager, because he doesn't want to listen too you, why do you think he got that part of the customer service job.

I will admit, Plus.Net are one of the best in customer service, out of any company I have to deal with, and trust me, my monthly calls to BT, British Gas, BT Openworld and some other telecoms providers, are not the easiest of calls.

My recomendation, use Freeserve to connect to the internet, and make a "Contact Us" request. You moans are down on file, so they can't use the I/O machanism of the ear, and you get time to word your answer correctly, without getting more frustrated with a tech suport agent, that doesn't understand the meaning of "Yes, I have check my microfilters, my router is rebooted".