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Migrated from 1mb to 512k?!


Migrated from 1mb to 512k?!

Hi, As some of you may know last friday i migrated to PN from tiscali.

I was on 1mb with tiscali now im on 512k.

Im a bit annoyed as i was under the condition that migration was to the same speed or to the maximum my line supports.

I dont want to have to pay this £15 as im allready paying a lot more than i was with tiscali.

Why do you think this happened? Would it be because i was only on 1mb for a few weeks before the MAC was issued? Maybe because of the outdated bt availabilty checker saying my max speed is 512k or just a general cock up of tiscali, bt or plusnet?

Any ideas?


PS - Got a long support ticket on this issue but not really getting anywhere!