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Microfilter help please :)


Microfilter help please :)

Hello all

Right, bit of a problem.

I can't use my broadband and phone at the same time. I have tried loads of different combinations with the microfilters and the outcome is the same.

My router is upstairs and my main socket is downstairs. At the moment I am connected through an extension line up to my room that sky has provided, as you will see in the link to the image.

I have used plusnet's installation guide to come up with the combination in the picture, but it doesn't work. The microfilters are not faulty as I have tried connecting the phone straight through it from the main socket and I can hear a dial tone

Link to setup:

(bad drawing!)

My router is connected to the extension lead without the microfilter at the moment, the only way the router will connect to dsl.

I would like some help please as this is kinda frustating Smiley

Thanks alot.

Microfilter help please :)

Your router is connected correctly if you plug a router into the tel side of a filter it will kill the adsl. If you want to plug a phone down stairs you would plug a filter into the extention and then the phone into that.

The only thing that springs to mind is the extention is poor quality or to long and that is giving you the problems. It could be its running to close to a power cable(this could be in the wall) and that is interfering with it.

If you plug the phone in downstairs does it still kill the adsl? Some old phones doo seem to cause this problem. You could try the phone without a filter so are happy to work and others you get a lot of noise.

Bt will only garentee the line to the master socket so the only way forward is try the pc downstairs and see if you still get the problem or beg borrow or steal another extention and see if thats it.
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Microfilter help please :)

This topic is a replica of this one and as such all replies should be to the other thread