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Micro filters - mega cost!


Micro filters - mega cost!

Just a word of advice about buying equipment once you have had that 'magic' phone call.

My line was activated on Friday afternoon so I went and bought my ADSL modem on the way home from work. Oddly the shop I bought it from said they don't stock microfilters. Not 'out of stock', they don't stock them at all.

On Saturday I trawled around every PC and phone shop in the county and drew a blank every time. I even (in desperation) went to PC World! Even though they stock ADSL modems they don't do microfilters (I spent 10 minutes explaining to the teenage, spotty, Saturday gimp what a microfilter was, until he went to get someone with a brain).

I eventually found a PC shop who, although they don't stock them, had a guy who was doing an ADSL install for a customer (on the side by the sound of it) but not until later this week. He sold me, under the counter, two microfilters for £20 each!! You can get them online for £7 or £8...

I know that advise you not to buy any hardware in advance (and this is good advice) but from personal experience I would recommend that you consider either:

a)buying at least one microfilter cheaply online
b)finding a shop locally, in advance, that stocks them

Even if your line test fails I can assure you that the black market price of your filter will be more than you paid for it!!

By the way I can assure those who are waiting that ADSL is fantastic. I am thinking about getting a 4 point harness for my desk chair so I can strap myself in for these download speeds!