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Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning


Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

I recently bought a Mentor ADSL PCI modem with Connexant chipset, and installed it on my home PC, running Windows XP Home.

I found that it was only able to achieve sync the first time after the drivers were (re-)installed. If disconnected by power-up, reboot, standby or manual disconnection, it would either take ages, or would not connect at all.

This isn't a fault with the line, as I've since bought a different modem (Zoom X3 Ethernet Modem/Router), which connects in seconds every time, and works like a charm.

I'm sending the Mentor modem back, as I'm happy with the Zoom device, even if it is more expensive.

If anyone out there has had a similar experience, please report it here. If not, I'd think twice about buying this modem!

Steve M.
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Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

Its more a problem of bad drivers for XP for the conexant chipset modem, on 98se/2K they do work if installed in the correct PCI slot. But XP is just a pain to get the modem to work.

I use to treble boot[98se/2K/XP] to test it and gave up on getting it to work 100% in XP, ditched XP anyway so fixed that problem.
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Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

Cheers melnikoff i bought 1 about 4 monts ago the first one wouldn't acheve Sync been fine since then now this one/ or my lines at fault. wouldn't Sync last night at all. Left the computer completely disconnected last night tried again this morn and it was fine. tried again when i got in from work and its doing the same finally Synced at 18:50. I,ve got a ticket posted with support hope its not my end could = Egg on face. Any comments support
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Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

Hi Katana.
I have a Conexant PCI Modem used with Windows XP - I have been through all the possibilities suggested from all sources and finally come up with my own work-around - for what it is worth!

First you have to accept that computing as life in general is not a proven thing - it sometimes goes wrong for the most bizarre reasons - and this certainly includes ADSL connections and XP. If you are a computer whizz please forgive the detail.

Before switching off your PC - do this:
Hold down the Windows key and hit Break - this brings up the Systems Properties box.
Next click on the Hardware tab and then the Device Manager bar.
This opens up a list headed by "HOME" If it does not simply hit the "+" sign left of "HOME."
Go to the bottom but one (on my PC) "System Devices" Open this up by again clicking the "+" sign to its left.
Look down this new list till you see "Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL Interface Device".
Select this by clicking on the line with the left mouse button.
Click the Delete icon at the top of this window.
When asked do you want to un-install it answer "Yes."
It will then ask if you want to restatrt your computer now - answer "No".
Switch off your computer and go to bed - or whatever.

When you next switch on the PC the New Hardware Found Wizard guides you through re-installing the drivers. Takes about 1 minute to shut down and 2 minutes to install.

This saves actually un-installing the Access Runner. Remember to change the (35) to (3Cool in Protocol by double clicking AccessRunner Control Panel and pressing Alt and P keys together to open up that window.

Again my most sincere apologies if you feel I have been too pedantic. But as I say it remains for me an accepted necessary step in going on line - then leave it on all day!
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Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning


You're more patient than I am Smiley. I didn't fancy having to do that every time. With the router, it connects before the PC has finished starting up, plus it provides an additional layer of security, which is handy.

Steve M

Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

i have a conexant pci modem and use it with xp with no probs at all....touch wood........Smiley

Mentor/Connexant ADSL PCI Modem - A Warning

I also use the PCI modem and XP, apart from downloading the then new drivers, it's worked very well. I have , just to be sure, set the automatic redial for 99 attempts Smiley