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Meaning of "Local" and "Remote" in line

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Meaning of "Local" and "Remote" in line

Please see my line stats from my router below:-

Local: 41 dB
Remote: 13.5 dB

Noise Margin:
Upstream: 24 dB
Downstream: 31.5 dB

The question is the meaning of the terms "Local" and "Remote" with regard to the Attenuation.
Can anyone explain this for me please?
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Meaning of "Local" and "Remote" in line

Local = downstream = from exchange to you
Remote = upstream = from you to exchange

Also noise margin = SNR = Signal to Noise Ratio

It is the downstream figure that is important as it determins the speed your line will support. In your case it is just under the 43dB limit for 2Mbs. Your SNR is also very good.

See ADSL: Understanding Line Loss and measurements for a more detailed explaination.