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got a webservice update today and it seems to have messed up my gaming
I play EVE-Exodus MMORPG. And since i got this update things have gone rather screwy.
now ever since then i have had a situation where by when playing EVE every 30 seconds my game locks up for around 10 seconds (i counted)
So i Have done the following to try and fix it
1) i ran a full virus scan...
2) i downloaded and ran mcaffe stinger ( specailist trojan remover)
3) i updated and ran adware
4) i have done a full disk check
5) i have done a full defrag

and so after doing all this i re-loaded eve and its still doing it

so then i exited and switched off the mcaffee security center (it controls all the virus stuff and firewall)

fired up EVE and
nope its still doing it
So basically my gmae locks up ...and its unplayable.
Does anyone here have any ideas? is there a problem with the wbservice update?
A problem with Plusnet?
Or is it my pc?
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Can you post a tracert or WinMTR (run for at last 5 mins and post as text) to your game servers IP address so we can see where the problem might be.

There are some high latency problems on one of the PlusNet routers which is causing speed problems so this may be the cause. It is being rebooted early this morning so that may cure it.