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MaxDSL versus ContentionRatio


MaxDSL versus ContentionRatio

Can someone please explain what this "MaxDSL" is all about and how it relates to ContentionRatios.

I've been on a 2Mbps "Broadband Lite" package (now called BroadbandPAYG I believe) for a couple of years, and the main reason I went for this was because it had a lower Contention Ratio of 20:1, compared with teh "standard" ContentionRatio of 50:1. I have been happilly connecting at 2Mbps and getting nice fast downloads on my luverly 20:1 contention ration connection.

A few days ago my ADSL modem started connecting at 8Mbps - presumably PlusNet have decided to "upgrade" my connection to the new "fast" 8Mbps connections. However I'm now getting slower download speeds. I know there's a "bedding in period of 10 days" ... but I've seen many, many, many posts in here about people sufferring slow speeds after the switch to 8Mbps MaxDSL.

I thought I was paying for the priviledge of having a connection that gave me a lower contention ration of 20:1 compared to the "standard" 50:1 - but PlusNet are now telling me that BT don't use contention ratios any more .... so surely I've been moved onto an inferior connection without my authorisation...Huh?

Can someone please explain what's going on? Is MaxDSL supposed to be better than ContentionRatios (doesn't look like it is to me)?

Are there any other ISPs that still use ContentionRatios, or are PlusNet correct when they say this is a BT thing...?


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MaxDSL versus ContentionRatio

I have the same problem as you and would also like to know the answer, so come on PlusNet respond to this, please. :?