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MaxDSL question


MaxDSL question

I've been following with interest all the stuff in respect of MaxDSL and have been looking forward (with some trepidation, considering the problems others have had!) to an increased speed - up until now the maximum my line could take was 1Mb.

As far as I can remember (although so far cannot find the original message) Plusnet sent out an e-mail/newsletter stating that each person would be forwarned when they were about to get upgraded to the MaxDSL with an e-mail giving advice on what to do.

A couple of days ago, I did a speed check (not something I do on a regular basis) and discovered that I was getting faster than my normal 1Mb (not much more, by about half a meg). Since then, I've checked fairly regularly and it has tended to waver around the 1.5-2.5Mb mark so I'm assuming they're in the process now.

My questions are:

a. Where is my e-mail notifying me of this (or is that a silly question, considering all the e-mail problems recently?!)
b. Is there any way of knowing how far through my 10 days I am?
c. Is there anything I should be doing while this is happening?
d. How do I know when the 10 days is up?

Sorry if these are all daft questions - I did look through the FAQ's but couldn't see anything relevant to questions a, b and d. I did see something about switching on and off my modem, but it seemed to give conflicting advice (one part said there was no need to switch the modem on/off, another bit said that at a certain point during the process - which again I don't know how far through I am - I should be rebooting it occasionally).
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MaxDSL question

a. The system generating the emails is not working due to BT changing their bulk regarade tool so it can no longer find the orders to email people about.

b. no
c. no
d. no idea.

All you can do is raise a ticket but expect a long delay for a reply due to the many many tickets raised related to MaxDSL problems that exist in the system.

MaxDSL question


a. Ah - that explains it then.
b. oh well.
c. Jolly good - saves me thinking too hard about it all.
d. Never mind.


Don't think I'll bother pestering them - I suspect they may be busy enough, and by the time they reply, I'll know the answer anyway!

I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it all works okay - personally, as long as it's no slower, I'll be happy. Admittedly I'd be well chuffed for more, but I have to say I haven't seen a noticeable difference whilst browsing anyway - as long as it's stable, that's the main thing. Wink

MaxDSL question

a. Email? hahaha, what you think this is an internet company or something?
b. It doesn't matter, it doesn't get any better after 10 days
c. Looking around for a decent ISP
d. It's a seemless process, random disconnects and poor speeds continue even after the 10 day period, enjoy.
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MaxDSL question


c. Looking around for a decent ISP

Seems the best advice to me..