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MaxDSL or is it Dialup


MaxDSL or is it Dialup

My connection has been getting worse and worse. I ran the connection test over the past week and am averaging 128k, I may aswell switch to dialup. I raised a ticket and was told I was switched to maxdsl. Prior to that I had a stablish 1Mb connection.

They are now just ignoring my ticket... is there anything I can do as it's killing my ability to work?

MaxDSL or is it Dialup

Just looked at my router and the connection it's reporting is wierd, surely I'd expect the upstream to be a lot lower than the downstream?

Modem Status Connected
Connect Mode VC-BASED
Downstream Speed 224 Kbps
Upstream Speed 448 Kbps
VCI 38

Is there anywhere I can go an get the line analysed by BT as plusnet seem to have all gone on holiday?
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MaxDSL or is it Dialup


Follow the tutorial in this link > Bt_speed_test

Run two test during "peak" time: 16:00 hours - Midnight.
And run one during "off peak": Midnight - 16:00 hours.

You need to eliminate the possible existence of faults/miss configuration on your own hardware and internal wiring first.
Following that, if you still have the problems, then raise it as a fault > Faults