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MaxDSL, continued...


MaxDSL, continued...

I posted a post in response to another thread but felt that the topic warranted a new subject.

Here's the story: my telephone line has always been borderline for ADSL, at a distance of 5.7km from the exchange (63db attenuation). Hence with previous ADSL products I was limited to 512kbps.

I took the plunge for MaxDSL in the hope that I could increase my download speeds to somewhere between 1.5Mbps and 2Mbps - all theoretical calculations suggested this was possible and MaxDSL "delivers the maximum sustainable bandwidth".

Shortly after the regrade, and for a few days, my router synchronised at around 2Mbps with a 6db SNR - looked good.

Now, three weeks into the new setup, I regularly get sync speeds of 1600 to 1700kbps, but my stable rate has been stuck at 500kbps.

Our good friends from PlusNet tech support promptly provided an explanation: BT set the download speeds based on the lowest sync speed achieved by your router in any three-day period, discounted by 10% to allow for ATM overhead, and rounded down to the nearest multiple of 512kbps!!

I probably didn't read the small prints... but then there may not have been any.

Anyway, I could cope with this logic as I understand that network capacity is constrained, but what I cannot understand is that it appears that your download bandwidth is reduced purely on the basis of your sync speed and regardless of any other parameter.


Router sync's at 786kbps with a 18db SNR (BT have declared 6db as the limit) - you get hit.

PN's servers don't respond effectively and your router loops a few times between settling down on a transfer speed - you get hit?

I enjoyed a 1000kbps stable rate for a day and a half recently, but it went away again tonight and I'm back to the 500 level.

Would anyone call this frustratingHuh

MaxDSL, continued...

From what I have read there is loads of people with these sort of issues. I am personally capped at 1MB, most people are capped at 2MB and in your case its 512K. Yet all of us are syncing almost 4x higher than what we are receiving.

This is something that PN said BT should have fixed by the 6th of June and if not we are to contact PN directly and have them sort it out.

Here is the post:

Its mentioned in the last 2 paragraphs. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait Wink

Oh and on a side note, I am often uploading faster than I download due to being on the Business package. My download speed often drops to around 512k (sometimes as low as 300k) yet my upload speed is and has never been effected, its stuck at 700k.

Dunno what the hell is going on at BTs end but as far as I can tell.. Its a big screw up heh.

MaxDSL, continued...

Thanks for the info phearfactor, I'll just wait and see if anything changes over the next few days but I won't hold my breath for it. BT continue to be behind most of their key competitors in Europe, they won't resolve their network problems over night.

MaxDSL, continued...

I'm in the same boat.

My stable rate was set at 1500 for 2 weeks then yesterday it dropped to 1000. My router has been consistently syncing at between 2.0 and 2.4Mb but obviously at some point my router must have synced at a lower rate and my stable rate dropped accordingly.

What I hate is that drops in sync affect your stable rate within 75 minutes of happening. It then takes over 3 days at a higher sync rate before your stable rate is adjusted upwards again. If you happen to sync just once in those 3 days at a lower figure, your stable rate will not change Sad