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MaxDSL and no speed improvement? Could this be right?


MaxDSL and no speed improvement? Could this be right?

Here's a potential horror story for your enjoyment, apologies for the telegraphic style:

1. Used to "enjoy" 512kbps on my line due to poor line condition (if you have nothing better to do, you can do a search on the forums to see my many posts on the topic)

2. Had contracted a Premier Option 1 service which seemed quite acceptable for a long time, however PlusNet put me on Level 1 or 2 management twice in the past 3 months. Couldn't understand why as my Internet use didn't seem to justify the amount of data being processed on my line.

3. Decided to upgrade to Option 2 to achieve two things: secure more download capacity -and relieve the level 2 management thing, and get a quicker upgrade to MaxDSL (this cost me the customary £14.99 regrade charge).

4. Got a warning message after I had placed the regrade order, that spam e-mail had been spotted emanating from my account at levels that were quite unacceptable.

5. Found a couple a trojans on my PC that had cannibalised TCP port 25, possibly justifying the increased traffic levels. I managed to clean the PC up and noticed that traffic levels went down to more realistic levels - maybe I didn't need to spend an extra £8 a month for increased capacity after all. Tough...

6. Allegedly completed the 10-day adjustment/trial period after regrade, to find out that I only get around 512kbps, in fact BT seem to recommend around 500kbps as a stable speed for my line! Even though the router sync'd quite happily at nearly 2Mbps for a while!!

WHAT IS GOING ONHuh Have I paid for a regrade that was coming free anyway, to secure higher download capacity when I didn't need it, to finally be stuck at the same speed levels as before, with less stability?

Surely this can't be right?