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MaxDSL access speed again


MaxDSL access speed again

PlusNet's answers have dried up on a question I submitted a few days ago, I believe that only BT hold the key to the problem.

Here's an extract from the question raised:

"At the beginning of the trial period, my router synchronised at higher speeds (up to 2000kbps) and low SNR's (5.5 to 6.5 db). At the end of the trial period, the parameters seemed to settle down to around 1600 kbps and 10 to 10.5db respectively (I should have got a consistent 1000 stable rate then).

Today i.e. a week later, the router synchronises at 1000kbps with SNR's of 16 to 17db.

Why is BT forcing a connection at such a high SNR? I am led to believe that the threshold is around 6db for good quality connections. I could accept that, due to other factors (attenuation for example), my threshold should be 10db and not 6 - but this would still secure 1 or 1.5Mbps bandwidth?"

Note that my stable rate is stuck at 500kbps and that download speeds recently haven't exceeded 240kbps, about a half of what I used to enjoy prior to MaxDSL.

I am getting so frustrated at this BT shambles.

MaxDSL access speed again

Your SNR seems way too high now, but mine has recently been increased by BT, doing nothing to increase stability (maybe one or two disconnections each evening) but dropping my sync speed by about 100 kbs.

I get the feeling that BT's answer to disconnection complaints is to increase everybody's SNR, but I could be wrong. Mine appears to have been changed from 6 dB to 9 dB.

MaxDSL access speed again

hmm, the way i have always understood it is the SNR (Signal-To-Noise Ratio) is the amount of difference between background noise and the actual signal... Meaning the higher this figure the clearer the signal

when i was on 2mbit i had a 30dB SNR, which is considered very good, after getting DSLMax enabled it dropped to a mere 4dB. I understand it for a reasonable connection you should have roughly 10dB difference, so id say his SNR is what it should ideally be and it has improved since it has been enabled.

I just hope mine does the same :S reconnecting every few seconds/minutes (at most times) isnt really on.. Altho i am still within the 10 day period, but this shouldnt mean "You wont be able to use the internet at all hardly for 10 days"