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MaxDSL Fixed


MaxDSL Fixed

My MaxDSL has finally started working, so I thought I'd share my experiences if they help anyone.

31 May: Noticed MaxDSL speeds, not sure how long I actually had MaxDSL as I've had no communication then or since.
17 June: Got disconnects ever minute or two.
18 June: Tried every available firmware for my router Netgear 834G v1. Tried the socket inside the master phone socket. Tried factory reset of router. Tried repeatedly turning the router off and on. No success.
Raised a ticket.
19 June: 7 hours after raising ticket got response with 16 questions. Answered all questions that I hadn't already answered as part of the fault wizard. Feeling pretty confident as someone is talking to me.
6 hours later get response asking for all questions to be answered. Fair enough, the wizard responses have obviously been lost so I ansered all the questions. Still feeling pretty confident as someone is talking to me.
20 June: Rang customer support. They took contact numbers and assigned my ticket to the correct team apparently. Told me someone would call me back with progress.
21 June: No response. Rang customer support. On hold for 36 minutes then get disconnected. Getting a bit annoyed now.
Bought new router. No difference. BTW I don't normally get stuff from PC World, but they're the only local shop to me and they offered to take the router back if it didn't fix my problem. They don't know much about the kit they sell, but I might go there again for the good service.
22 June: Raised another ticket to ask what's happened about my original ticket.
23 June: Read somewhere on this forum that repeatedly removing the phone cable from the router over an hour and a half might fix it. Tried this in the evening, but didn't test it afterwards.
24 June: Received reponse during the night to my second ticket that my first ticket would be looked at ASAP. In the morning I had a stable connection.

So either the extra ticket or disconnecting the phone line repeatedly fixed it. Raising extra tickets can only cause more of a backlog, but if you're ignored there doesn't seem to be much else to do.

Does anyone else who's had problems which are now resolved have other tips for people still being disconnected?

MaxDSL Fixed

Listen to the theme from mash on a looped tape until it's fixed or it's no longer a problem? :roll: