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Max Restriction Upload Speed


Max Restriction Upload Speed

In regards to the sustainable usage policy (which i think 10-15gb is a joke btw) putting aside how much i may download etc i havent really got a problem with, i can do without P2P etc for a few hours, the problem i have is, why limit the upload speed as well?

Its passed midnight so my blocks on my 8mbit connection have come off but the cap is still in place, why is the upstream limited to 5k/sec (tested on a transfer over IRC which usually manages the full 50k/sec out of cap and on Bittorrent)?

your email states this

Don't worry, you'll still get broadband speeds for most activities such as
browsing, emails, and gaming.

now i dont know what century PN are living in but 5k/sec is NOT enough for gaming, maybe back in the days of Quake 2, but im struggling to browse, pages can take 2-3 times what a normal 512k connection can take.

If you must restrict the upload why not make the cap so the whole thing works just as a 512k connection would? or at least 15-20k/sec, now that would provide enough bandwidth.

As it is there are 2 computers connected to the ADSL line and its bareable when one is using it, but if the other pc is in use, especially for World of Warcraft, the internet on both computers becomes completely unusable, infact the person playing World of warcraft suffers severe lag/pausing times due to this.

Cant you give us a speed that dialup wont be able to beat?