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Marketing Idea


Marketing Idea


Here is an idea for you guys in sales; I live at Barlborough which is fed from the Clown exchange (phone number 01246819***). I would love to have ADSL but currently we need 400 users to register interest, only 52 have done so.

First of all the BT site say that you don’t accept per registration from home owners which I think is wrong see

If you have not visited Barlborough for a while you may not know that there is a new estate of 300 houses, these houses have an average cost about £200K, and you can not move on there for BMW’s, four wheel drive people carriers and Mercs. In other words just the sort of people who can afford ADSL, need ADSL, yet don’t know where to get it.

As are the most local supplier of this service, would it not be a good idea to canvas these people by mail or door to door, and get them reregistered. This will achieve two things first get ADSL installed at Clown, two get you more customers (me included.)

I require no payment for this wonderful marketing idea, you can even keep the referral points.

Come on, I double dare you, be proactive, I know you guys hate BT and this is a way of making them spend money and you reap the customers.

Paul Stead

User name slayley